Super Smart Slimy Worms

May 16, 2011

I’ve decided on the goal of my first short story. It will feature slimy worms that inhabit space and only have one goal. Learning everything about everything. Since they haven’t learned much about galactic war, they’ve decided to start one (best to learn through first hand experience, right?). And while they’re at it they are going to give everybody questionnaires to fill out, so they can also learn more about their neighbors.

Oh, and the questionnaires are in the form of devices implanted into brains, called MINDRAMs.

I think they will have a corporate feel to them as well.

The end product should be around 1500 words. I know some of you will likely tell me that the length of the story doesn’t really matter, that I should write until I’m done. Well I’ve decided that 1500 would be a good goal because that would leave me 250 words per day. That’s a goal that’s achievable. Not to mention, if I man up and get this done quickly, I will have plenty of time to make a few drafts.

Whatever I decide to post on here will be up around midnight 6 days from now. So that’s either very late on the 22nd or very early of the 23rd of May. I guess in the future I will try to avoid posting things at midnight because it’s really confusing try to figure out which day it’s actually coming out on…

Stay frosty,

D.A. Bancroft


One Response to “Super Smart Slimy Worms”

  1. The Hook Says:

    Great title! Awesome post.

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