I Bet You’ve Never Done This

June 6, 2011

I am willing to bet that I’ve done something you never have. It’s not like I’m incredibly proud of this or anything, but from now on I will have a story to tell people. I will also manipulate that story to make it sound like I narrowly escaped death. Now you really want to know what I did, huh?

I grilled ribs in a freaking hail storm. (Totally true)

Yeah. I’m all that is man.

It wasn’t like they were golf ball sized or anything, just small peas. Still, I didn’t want to walk out there and flip the ribs in weather like that. And I didn’t do it to give myself a challenge, I just misjudged what the weather was going to do. And ,apparently, it decided to suddenly have a thunderstorm appear overhead as I just start cooking my dinner.

Now don’t tell anybody, but when I tell the story to people, they will believe that I fought off a tornado and hurricane wrapped into one. The hail was the size of soccer balls and lightning was crashing all around me. And the grill wasn’t just a grill, but a furnace that could only be controlled by my perfectly trained hand. Afterwards my clothes were ripped to shreds and I received a personal letter of apology from all the Norse gods for thinking they had any power on this planet.

Yeah…that’s how it was….

The ribs were delicious by the way.

So…short story time, right?

Well, as you know, I’ve delayed it. I was indisposed at the time of my soft “deadline” of sunday, so no story for you then. Since I’ve lollygagged for long enough I’ve decided that my final will be posted on Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. This will be tough for me to meet, considering I do have other plans. But I will set the timer on the story to send at that time. Maybe if I know a deadline is looming I will buck up and get it done. Or maybe you’ll see a very sorry and poorly written story pop up on here around that time. Either way, you should read it, because it could be a fun story to read or a funny failure to remember.

In other news:

If you recall anything from my previous posts, you will remember I created this fake story of pineapple handed Hawaiian zombies. I named their master “Marla”. Since this name seemed so friendly and interesting (I’ve never met a Marla before) I’ve decided to name the little girl in my story Marla.

And if you haven’t been watching Dr. Who, you need to. This is the CRAZIEST season ever. I saw the first half season finale, and wow, it’s just, wow….



4 Responses to “I Bet You’ve Never Done This”

  1. mapelba Says:

    Okay, which season of Doctor Who are you talking about?

    Good job with the hail. I’ve seen a woman cheer for hail, but that’s not the same thing as fighting it off.

    • The current season. It is considered the 6th season after Dr. Who rebooted in 2005. This season is split into two halves, this first half just ended with the episode “A good man goes to war”. It is incredible.

  2. I didn’t realize that you are all that is man…

    I think that changes how I think about you.

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