June 10, 2011

Yeah, I’ve got a contest going on. You can read the rules for it in my last post.

Yeah, I just played Diablo II for 3 hours and my eyes are burning. So no “real post” for all of you tonight. Or rather, this morning.

Yeah, It’s an old game and will pale in comparison to Diablo III that will be coming out soon.

Yeah, I’m starting off all my sentences with ‘yeah’.

Yeah, I’m pretty tired while writing this, so that may explain my repetition.

Yeah, I will share some personal opinions about things, but I won’t share my opinion on politics. I’ve got my reasons…

Yeah, I’m not going to wake up until noon today.

Yeah, I may be in jeopardy of missing my goal for writing a story this week.


Wait, no. That’s bad. Okay, bed, and then writing…. after sleep….lots of writing….

In blissful rest,


2 Responses to “Yeah…”

  1. Yeah… I’m not participating in your contest because it requires something from me.

    Yeah… I’m lazy.

    Yeah… you should declare me the winner just because I’m awesome.

    • Okay then. While you may not participate in the official ‘make me laugh’ contest, you will still win the lazy non-participant award.

      Your prize would have been something cool and original but I’m just too lazy to even bother thinking of anything.

      I’m sure you understand.

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