Annnd Stop

June 15, 2011

The “Make Me Laugh” Contest is now over. Finished. Klaar. Finis. τελικού. Ferdig. Terminado. 終了

(You will give a firm internet handshake to you if you can correctly guess all the languages I used right there.)

Thank you to anybody who participated. Thank you to everybody who even reads this message. Thank you for not going up in arms about me not posting for nearly a week.

After this point, I will go away to my research lab and begin processing who’s giggle-factor is bigger. That person will then be declared the winner. That person will then receive my congratulatory message and all will be right with the world. Except those dogs that howl in the middle of the night when I’m try to sleep…

Oh, and that one guy who honked his horn at me while I was driving like a normal and respectable human being. He’s not right in the world either.

Other than that, it will all be good.

And then I will start posting things on here, like a normal person.



2 Responses to “Annnd Stop”

  1. One of those languages is definitely a rare dialect of Klingon. I’m almost 3% sure.

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