Honk Man

June 16, 2011

I must gripe about something. Maybe you’ll find this enteraining in the least.

I live in a rural area. We don’t have a lot of the same problems that cities have. We don’t have high crime rates. T-shirts and flip flops are pretty much the norm in Florida, even during the winter. We really don’t have this “hurry-up” mentality. We take our time and just let things happen for the most part.

One thing we do have  to worry about is the unbelievably high population of the elderly. Especially the elderly that still drive…

So I’m just going along, minding my own business, when a weird little traffic “situation” occurs. A driver decides to cut in front of a few people, while crossing two lanes of stopped traffic. Yes, this is quite stupid of the man in the car, but it turned ridiculous when one of the drivers in who was at the stop decided to lay on his horn. He must have wanted to display his anger so much that he decided the only way for everybody to feel his pain was to cause them pain.

It lasted nearly 30 seconds. With a small hiccup in the middle…


(Notice: I am actually quoting him here)

As I look at Honk Man, I decide that I need to get in front of him, and leave him behind. I don’t like Honk Man and would prefer to stay away from the angry looking octogenarian in the tan Saturn. I get in front of him and arrive at the next traffic light.

As soon as the light turns green, (i’m sure every driver on the road will admit that there is always a slight hesitation from when your brake foot comes off the break and moves to press the accelareator), I press the gas. But before my foot can even touch the gas, Honk Man honked me.

I did nothing wrong! The horn still rings through my head. I am an innocent, but was honked to pure rage…

Oh, Honk Man, you are too much for me.

Apparently, after I spied on him at the next stoplight, he always puts his hand on his car horn in preparation to use whenever he sees fit.

Oh, Honk Man. Is no one safe from you infernal honk?

He soon turned onto a major highway. I feel for those who were on that road at three in the afternoon.

Moral of the story: Don’t Be Honk Man. Be Nice.




One Response to “Honk Man”

  1. Mean people suck…. Honk Man included!

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