Just Some Thoughts (12 to be exact)

July 5, 2011

I wonder about these things sometimes.

I also have a pretty righteous headache right now, so I’m going to make a lazy post that allows me to write AND not think very hard.

  1. You know those movies you watched when you were young? I’m thinking of things like The Goonies, The Sandlot, and The Never Ending Story. Great movies that stuck with you since the first time you saw them. What do you think those movies are for kids today? Do you think their parents are showing them the same movies or are they going to love movies like Transformers and The Social Network?
  2. When’s the next generation gaming system going to come out? I still love my 360, but when is that Xbox Nirvia going to show up? I need to be able to kill zombies in full HD as well as have my heart rate monitored so the game knows just when to scare me the most. (Like what I did there? I just made up a new system name. Go spread that rumor around the internet, I’ll just wait here and see what happens.)
  3. Baby names are all the rage right now. Many of my friends are having them. One name that I’ve thought of is Abigail. If I had a daughter, I would be very happy to give her this name. It sounds both distinguished as well as lends itself to fun interpretations. Abby, Abi, Gail, Bee-Gee, Abs, and Ms. A all seem to be fun nicknames. But somebody told me that it sounds too “old”. Well, it is, I stole it from Abigail Adams (the very influential wife of John Adams). But aren’t “old” names what it’s about right now?
  4. I wish I had a “get away from monsters for free” card. It just seems like it would come in handy in the event of me appearing in a horror movie.
  5. I would be really happy if we went back to coins as the common form of currency. It’s more durable. It’s more noisy. It’s easier to put into machines. It would make coin magic popular again. It’s even going to help me keep my wallet from bulging with unnecessary 1’s. (Because that seems to be the only cash I carry on me.)
  6. Has anybody else had their “Right Now” box disappear in their home screen for WordPress? I don’t mean “Oh, I must have deleted it from my screen”, I mean this thing just packed up and left. I’m pretty sad because I really liked having all that information right there. It was my one-stop-shop for all my blogging needs.
  7. I don’t remember playing in puddles when I was a kid; I remember making messes and mudpies.
  8. I’ve never, in my entire life, wished I had blonde hair.
  9. Would be really hard for people who are afraid of germs to start smoking? Cigarettes aren’t sanitized or anything. Why would they be? If you smoked you would just have to trust that there isn’t some nasty paper making up your ‘cig.
  10. I need to learn how to fake an European accent really well. I have my reasons…
  11. Normally, I don’t stub my toes all that often, but I always seems to hurt my hands in some way. Even when I’m trying to make sure to not hurt my hands I end up doing it. And by hands, I mean fingers.
  12. This one is kind of long and doesn’t really belong in a list, but here goes: I live in a pretty rural area. Not super rural, where cows outnumber humans, but rural enough. So I come home one day and hear a very strange “whooo-OP…wh00o-OP!” It’s a whoop that turns to a high pitch call at then end. It resonates throughout the forest. It even scares me a little. I ask my parents and they can’t really explain it. It gets even weirder when we start noticing rustling in the underbrush and notice some movement in the trees. A few days after hearing it throughout the week, we discover what’s causing the sounds. Peacocks. And they aren’t very friendly.
There you go. Lazy list of random thoughts I’ve had today.
Hope you enjoyed them,

One Response to “Just Some Thoughts (12 to be exact)”

  1. 1. I feel the children movies of my youth are more interesting than the movies aimed at children today. I’m probably biased though.

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