And This is a Post

October 6, 2011

That is just proving that I’m not dead.

So you can put away your daggers and knives. You didn’t have to exact your revenge on anybody for killing me. I’m alive, I just didn’t post anything yesterday.

Now that I’m writing, can I say this?

I think there was a small conspiracy with the whole death of Steve Jobs. For some reason my iPod alarm did not go off the three times I designated it to do so this morning. (This caused me to be massively late). I think his death “shook” up the Apple Inc. world so much that their clock feature was amiss.

So I guess I can say that the death of Mr. Jobs has made a direct impact on my life.

Oh! And…

I became mildly depressed today when I visited my friend in his new apartment. He has so much stuff going on for him it’s crazy. Like, he’s getting married a few months. He finally moved out. He can poop with the door open if he wants. He has to pay rent. He lives off of questionably old canned food.

That’s cool adult stuff.

I don’t do any of this because I still live at home… and it really doesn’t bother me all that much. Which, kinda bothers me.

But I don’t have this huge desire to move out. Is that bad? Does that make me a loser? Am I ill?

By my age most guys say something along the lines of “Man, I can’t stand living with these people anymore. How am I supposed to live like this?” Then they get in some big argument with their family and almost feel like everybody will be happier if they just move out. Or they end up getting in a serious relationship with somebody and they just want to start a new living arrangement with that person.

But none of this applies to me.

I hardly see any of my family anyway. I am asleep before they get home usually and I leave before they wake up.

No, I don’t have to pay rent, but I do pay my own bills. I buy my own food.

To my family, I’m probably just a shadow of a man that lives in their son’s room. Sometimes, when he’s not sleeping, he shuffles into the kitchen to drink some orange juice. He might even say hello to anybody he sees. But that’s all I am. Just a shadow. I just occupy space. Nothing more.

There is an upside to all of this though.

Why waste money trying to live out alone? I could make better use of my money if I saved it and put it to use earning more money rather than living in a run-down apartment when I have to deal with crack dealing neighbors. Right?

Well, I got labs to do in the morning,


P.S. – No, I didn’t really edit this post at all, I just wrote what came to mind. So if you read this and it doesn’t make much sense and the pieces don’t seem to fit quite right, now you know why. I’m a lazy editor.


2 Responses to “And This is a Post”

  1. Maybe you have better parents than the guys who get fed up with living at home and then move out.

  2. Frank Bishop Says:

    Well I moved out in my youth for one reason, I wanted to bring girls home. Else I would still live with them.

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