Something I’ve noticed

October 15, 2011

As we all know, I’m a big fan of the sci-fi genre. Hey, I live and die by the sci-fi mantra.

Just in case you don’t know what that is…

“It’s not fun unless their are lasers involved.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my entire life of entertainment. And let me say, we rarely see any lasers anymore. So I’m usually disappointed.

Something I’ve noticed about the interwebs is that there aren’t many blogs that feature original sci-fi content. As a matter of fact I’m willing to make a bet with you. If you go to your tag surfer option on WordPress and you look up the tag “sci-fi” then you will get many hits that are nothing more than book reviews and anime references.

That’s all.

Come on. Aren’t we a little more fairly represented than that? I mean, I feel like the only good sci-fi / nerdy blogs I’ve come across seem to be the peoples who’s blogs I’m subscribed to.

I want fresh meat!

So, if you know about a good and fun to read sci-fi themed blog, let me know about it. I will then hunt that person down and give my subscription. Then I will comment on their blog and will end up indirectly offending them. Then it will likely result in a law suit.

Happy Saturday,



4 Responses to “Something I’ve noticed”

  1. A.D. Jansen Says:

    I don’t know if you’ll think it’s good, but if you go to my blog, you’ll see an original sci-fi story that I’ve been writing for about a month. It doesn’t have lasers, but it does have vaporizing rayguns.

  2. goldfish Says:

    It’s not my forte by a long shot, but I have a few sci-fi shorts mixed in among book reviews and anime recipes.

    As far as other writers, I’m not sure since I don’t read blogs, much like I’m not reading this.

  3. Frank Bishop Says:


  4. DA Bancroft, I nominated you for “The Most Versatile Blogger Award.” You are welcome to check it out by following the link back to my blog:

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