11/11/11 at 11:11

November 11, 2011

Come on…I had to do this. 

Not only because it’s so rare of an occasion for unimportant time/numbers but also because it will represent my 100th post.

Celebrate! I demand you celebrate! If not for the odd time thing, then do it for the veterans.

Celebrate the veterans!

And if not for the veterans or weird time thingy, then do it for the release of Skyrim.

Celebrate the release of Skyrim!

You know…there is no real substance to this post. I’m going outside now.



6 Responses to “11/11/11 at 11:11”

  1. goldfish Says:

    Congratulations on your three digit number.

  2. charebo Says:

    There might not be too much substance, but it made me chuckle a bit after a rather long day. That’s something, right? Maybe?

  3. draliman Says:

    Congratulations on 100!
    Not such a good day for me. We had the 2 minutes silence at 11:00 (Armistice Day), then when we next looked at the clock on the phones it said 11/11/11 11:12. Humph, missed it.
    Then my pre-ordered copy of Skyrim failed to arrive. Amazon said it was dispatched, so who do I blame? Royal Mail, that’s who.
    Thanks for ruining my weekend, Royal Mail.
    Sorry. I guess I could’ve put all that in a post of my own.

  4. Frank Bishop Says:

    I don’t need a reason to celebrate. I don’t have pants on, WHOOOO PARTY TIME!

    I put pants on just to take them off, that is how much I celebrated.

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