Nes- Necces- Neseccary- Necessary

November 15, 2011

That’s what it usually looks like when I try to type the word ‘necessary‘. In most occasions I just end up typing something somewhat similar and just hit the spell check option. Still, it’s quite a problem in my everyday life.

For example. There is no spell check program while you’re writing on a whiteboard in front of 30 kids. This usually results in great discomfort when they point out to you a spelling error.

No joke, today, I had about 10 kids tease me for misspelling the word homozygous. HOMOZYGOUS for Pete’s sake!

They didn’t even know what that word meant, but they knew I spelled it wrong!

Come on man! 

Necessary is one of those words that I have to put effort into actually memorizing. For some reason I never learned to spell some pretty common words.

Like the word minute. Like, you know, the word you use just about every instance you reference time? The one you were supposed to learn to spell in 2nd grade?

Yeah, until this year I couldn’t spell it on the first try. This means I would commonly just abbreviate the word or just ignore it completely.

I’m a little surprised that all of my friends never caught on when they kept getting text messages from me that said “I will be there in a few moments.” I never use that word when I speak, let alone in writing. Still, nobody suspected a thing.

Also, I have a hard time remembering how to spell the word “amount”. I always want it to have two “M”s. Ammount just seems so much more important of a word. Don’t you agree? Okay, I guess it does look a little funny.

Another point, I always end up having to second guess myself when I use a word that ends with the suffix “el” or “le”. (That may not even be a suffix, but whatever, I’m not teaching English usage to you, I’m even admitting I can’t even spell right now). Words like apple I don’t really have any problems with, but more uncommon words I do.


“Example”. I want to say it “EX-am-pell”. That’s how I pronounce that word (wrong or right). I always end up going for the old “exampel”. Then I realize I’m a moron and quickly erase it and put “le” at the end.

But nothing will erase those terrible feelings of never winning a school spelling bee…

Why am I telling you this?

Two reasons really. The first being that I want to make clear that I feel like my lack of putting effort into spelling so many common words correctly has affected how I write. And the second would be that I really want to know if I’m alone in my plight.

So, do you have any commonly misspelled words that you just can’t seem to shake?


By the way… I’ve been hard at work trying to write my views on science and religion. And I realized that it’s very difficult to put so much thought into so few words. Right now I’m at 1700 words and all I’m trying to do is explain something that makes a lot of sense to me… So it’s going to take a little while to get this thing done. But I promise, I will post it and make all of you very upset/confused at my ideas on this topic.


6 Responses to “Nes- Necces- Neseccary- Necessary”

  1. Frank Bishop Says:

    Bad spellers of the world untie!

  2. Yeah, necessary . . . I never quite get it right either.

    Also, Wednessday, whoops, Wednesday.

    And auto spell check is causing the spell-centers of my brain to atrophy.


  3. goldfish Says:

    I have that problem with double letters, e.g. Committment, comitment, commitment.

    Might I suggest subbing “necessary” with needed, obligatory, required, compulsory, indispensable, essential, requisite, etc.? That’s what I usually do.

  4. draliman Says:

    When I was about 8 I spelled “necessary” wrong many times. And I was always forced to write it at the back of my exercise book 10 times. I think my brain got fed up and hard-wired a couple of billion neurons.
    Now that’s their only job. Spelling the word “necessary”.

    I have the same problem as Goldfish – double letters. “Amend”, “accommodation” (the spell checker just added an “m” for me there) etc.

  5. Without fail, I always mess up license. Yep…had to type it three times before I got it right. >_< There are certainly other words too – so no fear, you're not alone! :)

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