The Value of Things

December 5, 2011

Something has been boggling my mind lately.

What is a “fair price” for something? Do you think it is silly to spend money on things? Do you think of it as an indulgence?

I do, and then I don’t. Sometimes I look at an object and say, no way I would pay that much for something so trivial.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Bottled water. We all have had some, but how much did you pay for it?

$1.09? $0.89? $3.56?

I could never imagine why I’d pay over two dollars for a bottle of water. Usually water fountains are free, easy to access, and colder when you need them.

But what about the size of the bottle? Let’s say that $2.08 you spent on a bottle of water was 32 ounces. Now, that seems fair. But will I really drink 32 ounces? Won’t I get tired of drinking that much liquid, especially if I have neglected it and it got warm?

I love watching movies in the theater but they can be expensive. Last movie I saw I think I paid $9. I suppose I feel comfortable paying that considering I get to see it as soon as it comes out. I get to talk about it with people who also saw it. If the movie going experieance is around 2 hours long, that’s aroudn $4.50 per hour. Alright. I can do that. I’m relaxing and enjoying myself.

Now, video games are another issue. (Yes, I know they are designed to suck every penny out of you with downloadable content, but let’s just drop that argument for these purposes.) Video games cost me around $60 if I buy them brand new. If it’s a game I will play a lot, then I could easily get 80 hours of game play out of it. And that’s around 80 cents per hour of enjoyment. That seems like a fair price.

Music is another hot topic for me. I don’t want to commit and buy any music that I will end up not listening to. If I’m not listening to it, then I’m wasting my money. So I always find myself waiting for albums to go on sale (Yes, I do still BUY music.) 8 bucks for an album that I know I will like is a steal. I could listen to that record over a hundred times. But paying $10 for an album that is lackluster will make me feel sick.

Snow crab, in my opinion, is one of the most delectable delights you can find on this planet. Yet, $20 for three legs and maybe a claw? That’s a joke.

Caviar that tastes like poo-poo for $200 an ounce. Ridiculous!

$1,750 per ounce of gold! This is preposterous! (First time I’ve ever used this word in a blog and pretty proud of it)

Sup wit dat? What’s so great about gold? (Yes, I know it serves many purposes in terms of technology, but just ignore that)

Prices of things are just crazy.

P.S. Yes, I realize how old and crotchety this post makes me look. But really, what do you consider perfectly priced? Is there something out there that you would always be willing to pay for, despite it’s price? Or do you always consider it fairly priced?

And now that I think about it, this could be my last post ever on the topic of money. So, there you go.



2 Responses to “The Value of Things”

  1. Any time I find something for under a dollar, I’m stoked. Especially if I’m grocery shopping for some reason. It’s like an instant “buy me”.

    I have never actually sat down and thought about how you broke that down – the video games for instance. Very interesting, and I don’t think you sound ‘old and crotchety’ for bringing it up. :)

  2. Frank Bishop Says:

    Fair price is kind of like beauty, it is all in the eyes of the wallet holder/beholder.

    Few scenarios where both of those apply at the same time.

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