Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?!

January 5, 2012

Hey, it’s Friday!

Would you like to have a peek into my real life?

Why are you making that disgusted face? No really. Can I share something with you that is sort of my unwinding ritual from the work week?


Come on! I’m serious!

And it’s nothing weird. I promise.

Every Friday, when I get off of work, I decide to treat myself to driving out Comic Central. Ahh yes, my “local” comic shop. (It looks really creepy when I use the quotation marks there. It makes it seem like I fly in from Venus or something… Just ignore them and pretend that I put them there for comedic effect.)

Here is the place where I pick up my subscriptions, chat it up with some of the local geekery, and generally just waste a lot of time.

I usually walk out with spending 7 to 8 bucks in picking up subscriptions. Sometimes, when I’m feeling crazy, I pick up a trade paperback of something that I think I would be interested in. Then is just awesome to go off and have a conversation with an adult and talk about things that don’t totally matter.

Most of the time I spend there is chatting it up with one of the employees. Mostly we just shoot the bull, but sometimes we get into some really good discussion about what makes comics so… good. This always perks me up after a hard day/week.

I think social things like this really help to reset my clock and help me prepare for the whole next week.

It’s one of those things I look forward to during the week. And I’m happy I’ve got one of those things. I don’t really know how I would survive without something in it’s place.

But the time has come where I’m caught up on all my comic readings and I need more.

That’s where you come in. Tell me what to read next!

I’m pretty surprised in myself because I don’t recall having asked for this advice on here before. But, if my memory serves me correct, I recall many of my fellow internet friends (that’s you) have read plenty of comics.

This is your time to shine. I will take any and all suggestions. You want to suggest a comic about sharks that do martial arts and combat an army of sea bass? Cool, I’m with that. You want to suggest a comic of teens dealing with middle school drama and vampires? Alright, I could give it a shot. You feel like suggesting a black and white comic with no dialogue about flowers that are actually ultra powerful demigods in Norse mythology? I guess I’m good with that too.

Anything. I’m willing.

And if possible, try to sell it to me like a used car salesman. I would think would be fun as well.


3 Responses to “Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?!”

  1. Frank Bishop Says:

    Anything with Deadpool is automatically win.

    If you want to do a little throw back, read some Fathom. The art in the comic is worth the read alone.

    Or go for the Watchmen graphic novel or The Killing Joke.

    All GREAT reads.

    • I’ve been told I should read Uncanny X-Force. That has Deadpool in it.

      I should also point out that I have never invested in a Marvel comic. I don’t know why. I’m sure they are quality works but I just haven’t felt attracted to anything they make.

  2. I feel completely out of my league recommending things because most true comic fans know I’m a wannabe, but I’ll still give it a shot. My all-time favorite is PLANETARY. I didn’t much like DEUS EX MACHINA. I started TRANSMETROPOLITAN, but didn’t get very far with it, but the fact that Patrick Stewart’s wife took pics of him as Spider Jerusalem puts it at the top of my list. I also tried reading CHEW, but it gave me the creeps a little too much… the character development was brilliant, though. I also liked the graphic novel IDENTITY CRISIS. What are your recommendations for wannabes like me?

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