Sanguine Saturday

March 3, 2012

I just got off work…

It’s Saturday.

Maybe you don’t see the significance of these words. They may seem unremarkable but they really are. This is a common occurrence all around the world. Many people work on Saturdays, why should I feel so special?

I’m a teacher. And I had to come in and work on Saturday.

From 11 – 1 I had to teach a “Biology Refresher Class”.

2 kids showed up.

Two. That’s not many.

I will do this again next week. I will be in my classroom from 11 to 1.

And the next Saturday. And the next…

I asked these kids if they planned on showing up next week. They replied “I don’t know.”

This means they will not.

I don’t expect any more to show up other than these two.

Do you want to take a guess on what that means?

That means I will be getting paid to grade papers over the next few weekends.

Now, that doesn’t sound too bad at all.


P.S. – 6 days in a row…can he keep it up for day 7? We shall see.


2 Responses to “Sanguine Saturday”

  1. Frank Bishop Says:

    Pouring one out for my homie.

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