News Gnus

March 7, 2012

I may have some cool news soon.



Not so cool it’s cold.

If it’s too cold then it wouldn’t be very cold. It would seem heartless and pointless (much like this post). It would also be a very sad thing indeed. And then the news wouldn’t be interesting.

And I can’t possibly give you hot news. Even if that news is fresh and well made…it’s gross to call it hot. And lukewarm comes across as disconcerting.

You know what? I’ll just stick with news.

I may have some cool news for you soon.

It will be new.

It will not be a Gnu.

This is a Gnu.

Any questions?


Yes…this was a lazy post…so what.


3 Responses to “News Gnus”

  1. raynivi Says:

    mwahaha, totally random and hilarious, love it :D

  2. raynivi Says:

    oopsie sorry, that evil laugh killed my boredom, made my day :D funny how a lazy post could do that O_o anyway, just wanted to say its a great post, sir ^_^

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