Open House Part Deux

March 8, 2012

Here’s my idea.

I have another open house tonight for incoming 9th graders and students parents that feel like meeting their teachers.

This will likely be a very quite event. The only problem is that I will have to go to work for a few hours well after school is over.


So why not change up everybody’s rhythm? Let’s enjoy ourselves while we’re doing our assigned duty.

Lawn chairs.

Are you with me?

What do you mean you want me to explain? Come on! Lawn chairs? Beach chairs? Fold-out chairs? Are you not following?

I seriously considering coming home after work and picking up some chairs to take back to work. I could also grab a giant beach umbrella and a bucket of sand. In the hallway we can set out our chairs and stick the umbrella in the bucket. Drink some lemonades and wear sunglasses.

We could even yell at the kids when they walk by. “Hey! Bring me some suntan lotion!”

No…there isn’t really a big association with sunbathing and open houses…but so what?. Let’s just have fun. Let’s relax. We do enough through the year. What’s wrong with a little R & R while at work?

I’m sure behavior like this would really scare the incoming 9th graders because they would think that their science teachers are actually insane. (Which we are). Then maybe they would start taking us a little more seriously when they see us next year. (More than likely they would end up NOT taking us seriously at all.)

In all reality, I am happy I am writing this post one day before I have to go to the open house. I will likely be exhausted after a few impromptu parent teacher conferences and a whole lot of trying to scare/encourage 9th graders that may walk though my door next year.


2 Responses to “Open House Part Deux”

  1. Man – you’ve got way more nerve than I have… I give a boring open house, “My name is Ms. James. It’s nice to meet you. I teach American Literature…”

    :) Lawn chairs would be way less boring.

  2. Frank Bishop Says:

    Ok, hang in there with me and keep an open mind, put fake poop under the table just in view. Just enough to keep them interested but not enough to make them freak out.

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