The Big Gnus

March 11, 2012

Here’s that news I was preparing you for a few days ago.

Now it’s official:

I have sent two marbles to two different countries! (And maybe even a few more in the coming days)


That’s right. In the matter of a couple of weeks I have put marbles in Sweden, Lebanon, and Australia.

I’m so productive.

:::Pats self on back:::

Still haven’t finished that lamp yet…or that book I’m writing….

:::Mumbles list of other things that have been neglected over time:::

I would love to be able to say that these people have been reading my goals here on this site and have decided to help me out. But the traffic is a little low for trying to take over the world. So I broke down and went to the place that is currently taking over the world. My constant internet companion; Reddit. Reddit has a subreddit for penpals and it looks like I have made a number of penpals through it.

That is all. Carry on.



2 Responses to “The Big Gnus”

  1. Frank Bishop Says:

    What kind of marble? The swirly kind or solid color?

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