The Stupid Exercise

April 3, 2012

The following will be only one very long run-on sentence that is just a random assortment of thoughts all crammed into one…well…random thought.


Today was the day when I realized that there are some things in the world that i’m good at, like making sudden loud noises, and some things that I’m pretty bad at, like scooping ice cream with a normal spoon, and that makes me pretty frustrated but not as frustrated as that one time when I tried to seal an entire pot of cooked macaroni into a Ziplock bag that had a tear in it’s side and I still tried to fill and seal it despite my knowledge that it would likely burst and fling itself all across my floor and end up underneath my oven, which it did, and would probably rot for the next five years and stink up the place until the one day when I finally moved out and had to clean behind the oven to keep my landlord happy so I don’t have to pay for the security deposit that will would have surely ruined me financially to the point where I would have had to use coins I’d been collecting since third grade so I could finally buy that life-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I saw at the store that one time.


:::Takes a deep bow:::

This was not a creative post. See if you can one up me in the comments.



2 Responses to “The Stupid Exercise”

  1. Frank Bishop Says:

    TNMT > All.

    You have your priorities straight.

  2. Alba Says:

    It’s not that bad a thing to be a messy person, I try to tell myself (over and over again), because that means when I finally after weeks and weeks take the time to clean my room thoroughly I find really interesting stuff, like money (friends who help me cleaning are always shocked by the amount of money I have in odd corners, but I think it’s a good thing to lose money in my own room because then I can always clean if I get desperate) and books I thought I’d lost, and needles (sometimes I find those with my feet, or by laying down on them and realizing that they’d been stuck in my mattress for weeks at least and I’ve been sleeping on top of them all this time and isn’t that kind of creepy) and candy that’s even edible sometimes, and shirts that I’ve wanted to wear for weeks now and suddenly I have enough socks again (although that one light blue sock will probably be lonely forever) and I can wear my newfound socks and shirts and scarves when I go out and buy more candy (for the candy I find is almost always horrible anyways) for the money I’ve found, and when I come back the monstrous amounts of washing might have dried and I should really put all those clothes away, but I’m far too tired by then so they end up in a pile somewhere and didn’t I clean just a moment ago, why’s my room looking like this?

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