April 9, 2012

It is widely held that today, April 9th, is in fact, a Monday.

Go ahead and fact check me. You’ll see that I’m not lying.

And yes, everybody says some old axiom about Mondays being the worst day of the week. Everybody wakes up and feels extra groggy, maybe they forget the sugar in their coffee in the morning, and lose one of the files from last week. Mondays are designed to make everybody feel like they are just one step behind normality, and normality had chili for dinner last night…

But the old axiom didn’t hold true for me today. Today I put a Monday on the defensive.


I wore a pink shirt.

As a man, most people usually assume that men who wear pink shirts are either gay, fashionable, or wearing a formerly white shirt that’s been washed with the wrong color. But for me, I simply just like pink. Red is too strong, and pink is pleasant. Makes people around you think of you differently.

Had I been wearing a grey shirt today, I’m sure my joke at the check-out line at Win-Dixie would have been considered extreamly awkward. Actually, it was probably weird anyway because now there was some guy making comments about customers driving off after they placed their groceries on the check-out counter.


My seemingly solid Monday just turned into a very strange one…




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