Didn’t that one guy used to blog on occasion?

Yeah…he did…he did… It was even almost entertaining at times.

Sad times.

But that will be fixed up here soon enough. As of Friday evening I will be seated on the football stadium field while I watch many seniors I have never met graduate. It will be hot, boring, and will most certainly test my bladder’s ability to survive the two hour long ordeal.

Then the weekend will come.

Then Monday is a short day. Tuesday and Wednesday are exam days (so they’re even shorter), and then it’s teacher work days Thursday and Friday.

Then…freedom. Summer starts.

It’s like the weekend, but longer.

I’m so excited.

(I may stop wearing pants.)

Sorry, you didn’t want to know that. But realistically I will be free of a creative burden for some weeks. That means I will likely end up expressing more of my mindless droll toward you rather than my students. This will be good for all of us.

I also have some plans-a-cookin’ this summer. Interested?

Possible ideas for the summer:

  1. Read. A lot.
  2. Write. A lot.
  3. Stare into the sun. Very little.
  4. Do some conferences for school. (I will not be using my brain for those activities)
  5. ROAD TRIP! (I’m particularly excited about this, more details will follow)
  6. Buy a DSLR camera.
  7. Reconsider my position on the pants topic.
  8. Move out of the house.


That’s…quite a bit of stuff there big guy. Moving out? B-but…That means…

Yes. I will grow up a little more. Expand my maturity levels. Becomes more than what I am now.

Seriously, that’s pretty crazy for you. What ever made you think you could pull of something like this out of the blue? You haven’t blogged for over a week and now you’re talking all crazy. Are you ill?

No, I’m completely fine. Well, not totally fine. I’ve got this rash on my-

NO! Stop typing. We don’t want to hear that. 

Who are you anyway? What is happening here? Am I having a conversation with myself? You’re just me but in a different color. 

See? That’s another reason why I suspect that you’re not well. You’re talking to yourself via a blog. That’s a sure sign of crazy in my book.

Alright Fake Me, you shut it up. I’m through talking to you. This is getting too weird.

As for the rest of you, more blogging will resume shortly. Just allow me to find my head in the final stretch of the school year. After that I should be back to my normal self. Maybe.


Tuesdays Are For…

May 22, 2012

Not working and writing a love letter to YouTube.

Actually, I did go to work, but immediately left due to an illness that was rendering me incapable of being able to hold the attention of some 15 year olds for and hour and a half.

As of now I’m feeling a lot better and I’m certain that I will be returning to work tomorrow.

So…what  did I do to occupy my time while I was out sick?

1. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. (Yeah, I was that kind of sick…)

2. I slept for another three hours. From the hours of 1:30 to 4:00. I woke up a new man. I recommend sickly naps whenever possible.

3. Listened to a little music.

4. Browsed Reddit.

5. Rediscovered my fascination with YouTube.

Actually, I need to explain this one because I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned my love of YouTubes little community they’ve created.

This means I have a habit of falling in love with some particular YouTube videos and then try to watch every known video of said people involved with a particular video. I even find the videos they took in 2007 about their cat’s trip to the vet. It gets a little out of hand.

Why do I do this? I’m mesmerized how some people can create a fun experience for little money and still have thousands or millions of people watch them. It’s what reality T.V. wishes it were. It’s much more real than anything that’s usually put in front of us. Even with people learning about nice cameras and lighting, they still do this for relatively little money. They also manage to be their own content creators.

That’s a freedom I like really like.

I’ll admit this here and now, I have attempted to start a YouTube channel and post videos of silly ideas me and my friends had come up with. We even posted them. They were horrible…but they were fun.

No…you will never see them. Ever.

So instead of rambling on about why I like videos so much, how about I just turn this post into a compilation of my most obsessed over videos from YouTube?

Warning: This is not good.

For all of you who have children, please turn them away. Those with heart conditions you should also steer clear. For those brave enough to press forward, remember, logic and reason have left this post. I’m now going to be irrational in the videos I love. Many of them are just silly and may not seem that funny/interesting to you. Some might even make you cringe with their datedness…if that’s a word…

(I also think this may qualify as a really big guilty pleasure. So…I feel guilty about it…but don’t make me feel any worse than I already do.)

This all really began in 2005/2006 (not long after the creation of YouTube). The first video is of a SNL Digital Short called “Dear Sister.” It was funny to me at the time (still is). Then there were tons of parodies of the same concept and it was remarkable. I think this really set the bar for me because, for whatever reason, the video kept getting pulled from YouTube and that taught me to watch the video tons of times before it’s gone forever.

(If I implant it into my brain, then nobody can remove it. Perfect plan.)

Actually, you can’t even find an official version of the video through NBC or YouTube itself. The only real version I can seem to find is now here…with the service provided by YouTube…

After that came “Old Gregg”, a skit from the comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh. Very weird…very uncomfortable…but that’s what makes it great.


Then came a student created unofficial music video for the the band MGMT and their song “Kids.” It’s done really well and probably cost less than $50 to make. The creator is a guy named Jon Salmon and I think he got some friends to wear some make up and sing along to make a hypnotic video.


Then came BalloonShop. This silly trio slapped each other with meat, fruits, vegetables as well as taught us all how to eat an Oreo Cookie Sandwich. They later broke up their working relationship but each of them now tries to do their own thing on YouTube.

This particular video almost made me pee myself the first time I watched it.

Shortly after came me (along with millions of others) falling in love with the auto-tuned masterpieces of Schomoyoho. They’re attention to detail and deep hooks in songs allowed us to see the beauty in the “deep” content of YouTube. Who can forget their classic remixes of “hide yo kids“, “backin-up“, and (my personal favorite) “double rainbow all the way“? Nobody, that’s who.

The music theme stays pretty solid here because I noticed the work of Sweetafton23, otherwise known as Molly Lewis. She sings and plays the ukelele. She’s also a gigantic Doctor Who nerd…so more power to her.

Then came MysteryGuitarMan. He’s a mystery. He’s a guitar playing man. He’s also good at making videos that hold your attention as well as make you wonder how people can stay this creative for this long.

This was followed with my deep love of the musical stylings of a band called Pomplamoose. They’re very talented and their videosongs really set them apart from most other YouTubers at the time. Heck I think they started to trend of VideoSongs.

Rapping is clearly ignored in this list. Well, that was until I found out about Epic Rap Battles of History. They’re both being awesome and funny. It’s a win/win.

Recently I have been drawn to the vlogs of two girls named meekakitty and nanalew. They have their own individual channels but they also collaborate quite often on musical projects. These are really impressive “music videos” that I’m sure aren’t expensive to make  but look amazing.

There are tons of other videos/people that I have obsessed over their work before but I just can’t remember them at the moment.

And yes, I know most of these videos are already popular. They don’t need your views. But I’m only posting them because I have watched them many times myself. (Okay, since most are musical I have just ended up playing them and not watching them but you get my point.)

Anyway…this became a very long love letter about YouTube. Sorry about that. Maybe I’ll make up something exciting for tomorrow. Like a post about bookmarks.

Mmm…bookmarks…(could happen)


Thirsty Thursday #3

May 17, 2012

Oh…I bet you thought I would forget about this one…but I slipped it in here just in time to still keep it a Thursday…

So, what am I reviewing today?

Something different. Something usually neglected in the whole field of gourmet sodas.

Ginger ale.

Now you may not consider ginger ale the redheaded stepchild of the soda family, but it really does have a lot to offer. Like, you know, subtle ginger flavoring with lots of carbonated water. Not really a sweet flavor but more of a tingly sensation.

Okay…maybe you’re right…it usually is pretty plain. So I decided to go after the nicest ginger ale I have heard of.

Ale 8 One.

Now that looks like a formidable soda…huh?

And it was actually quite wonderful. Plenty of bubbles, a fine light taste, and not too strong on the gingery side.

I actually ingested this drink with a hearty meal consisting of jalapeno peppers, fried okra, and french fries. With all these flavors trying very hard to fight the Ale 8 One it still seems to come out on top.

This is probably its best quality. It can handle competition between your taste buds. That’s saying something considering we’re talking about one of the plainest sodas you can consume.

No, you’re not doing to lose any sock or see any fireworks while you’re drinking the stuff, but at least it will be cold and bubbly. Hey, it even sort of reminds you of

Among my friends, Ale 8 One stands as almost a legend. It’s like a mythical creature that always seems to slip past our grasp. That’s right, Ale 8 One is the unicorn of gourmet sodas. Why? Because here in Florida it’s pretty hard to come by. This delightful brew was invented and distributed mainly in the state of Kentucky. They have spread to a few other counties outside of Eastern Kentucky (mostly parts of Ohio and Indiana) but Florida is well beyond their normal distribution region.

I was lucky to find it on sale in the restaurant I had ventured to one day. (They actually had an entire wall filled with other gourmet sodas, some of which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks.)

So I give a review of it today so I can officially scratch it off my list of sodas to drink. While it may not be my favorite soda…it could likely win the honor of being my favorite ginger ale…which is kind of like being the world’s greatest assistant janitor. At least it’s the king of something.

They do have an interesting history as well. If you feel interested you can check out their website here. (Tours of the factory on Fridays as well…if I’m ever in Kentucky…)


Hallo evrybody. rite now im talkin to u da way peepl text to each other. 

Why would I do such a confounding thing? The theme of course.

Today I bring to you a text conversation I just had with a friend of mine. It will be filled with misspellings and crazy ideas. This is a short hand way to look at how I come up with every single idea for a story I’ve written. This very conversation will hold the idea to my very next story which I hope will be posted on her in the coming days.

The conversation is between me and a buddy of mine. Let’s call him Fred. From time to time he and I will have a conversation like this. He’s a talented writer that can’t come up with ideas…I’m a less talented writer that’s teeming with ideas. Unfortunately for me I let a lot of these ideas go by…but maybe the conversation we had can be entertaining for you to read.

Him: I need writing motivation

Me: Such as…

Me: Hold old are you?

Him: What? No.

Me: Just freaking tell me how old you are…

Him: 27

Me: A 27 year old man moves into a new apartment only to find the previous tenant never left. That tenant? A colony of tiny clowns that live in a bathrobe.

Him: Interesting…

Me: Okay…how about this?

Him: Let’s hear it

Me: A touring musician must face a difficult decision on the road. Does he play the next gig with his cruddy band or join a talented musician at the bus stop?

Him: These are good

Me: A woman who was in a tragic accident wakes up in a hospital bed after 6 months in a coma. Her arms have been replaced with spatulas. And now she wants to cook..

Him: Pooh nice

Him: That’s oooooh

Him: Just watched sun Tzu’s art of war special on the history channel.

Me: Winnie the pooh give up (sic) his addiction to honey and replaces it with a hammering for heroin.

Me: A guy goes to record store. When he can’t pick a new album he asks the clerk for a reccommendation she shares his taste. Her pick is awesome. He invites her to coffee and they start talking and they soon discover they are actually brother and sister.

Him: Okay: the real challenge would be to mash every one of those ideas into a short story

Me: A tribal leader goes on a solo hunt to please the gods and hopefully bring prosperity to his tribe. In his hunt for a bear he comes across somethign much more dangerous…a sabertooth tiger.

Me: I can do this all night…

Me: Do you want something in particular?

Him: Just keep going, I’m seriously going to try to mix them all into something coherent

Me: A former librarian with an empty soul tries to burn down the library…but the library fights back. The leader? An old copy of Fahrenheit 451.

Him: Have you ever read that btw? I have not.

Me: While backpacking across Europe an American meets a Swiss guy with an interesting history. He’s not a person at all but a treefolk that has been given a human form to learn why the trees are dissapearing.

Me: I haave (sic)

Me: A little boy has his dream come true when his LEGO robot gets struck by lightening and begins to fight crime.

Me: A tailor running his shop gets the biggest order of his career. He must design a uniform for the worlds greatest super hero…The Dynamic.

Me: Actually…that last one is mine…don’t touch it.

Him: Ok

Me: Have this one…

Me: The Poopsmith meets the woman of his dreams…Princess Urea.

Me: You’re dreaming welcome by the way…this stuff is gold.

Me: Freaking*


I hope you’ve learned something about me from reading this. If you didn’t here they are in conveniant list form for your benefit.

  1. I’m helpful, but not overly helpful.
  2. I happy with coming up with serious ideas as well and silly ones.
  3. I exude confidence after some very bad propositions.
  4. I routinely ignore comments that are off topic (see his comment about watching the art of war special on history channel.)
  5. I created the phrase “Hammering for heroin”…patent pending. I think I meant to say “Hankering for heroin.”
  6. I quickly recant anything that I see as a benefit to myself.
  7. I ask strange questions to friends even thought I should already know the answer (age)
  8. I type way too much.
  9. The Poopsmith is a reference to one of the funniest things from my high school days Homestar Runner.

And there you go. An entertaining romp inside of my cell phone and the private conversations between me and people I love…

I hope you’re happy with what you made me do here today.

And yes…I’m serious about the super hero tailor story…should be fun.


Year One

May 15, 2012

Hey everybody.

It’s me, Douglas. I’m the guy who usually writes this blog. Actually, I’m the only guy who writes this blog but lately I haven’t because I’m a lazy bum. A tired and tried lazy bum. A man who’s seen the end of his rope in terms of energy usage and he has just allowed this place to collect a weird smell. The same weird smell that sticks to your clothes after you pull them out of storage from the winter. Or maybe it’s closer to the smell found in old china cabinets filled with your grandmother’s old thimbles.

I’m writing right now (despite all my glorious bumminess) because today is a special day. Today marks the one year anniversary of me starting this blog.


Bookforme was created to serve as a tool so I could practice the art of writing fiction. I wanted to learn how to write something well enough to hold people’s attention as well as serve as a creative outlet for myself. So far, I think I’ve been able to reach these goals.

Now, if you remember, the main goal of me doing this is to write a book. Not to publish a book. Not to get recognized for my writing. Not to begin slipping into the infinite vastness that is the internet. But simply to write a book.

I haven’t done this yet. But I at least feel a little bit more capable of reaching this goal.

Actually, I feel so confident in this goal that I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Everybody always refers to it. Every says they love it. So I will mindlessly follow hundreds of thousands of others into the front lines of writing novels in the month of November. Wish me luck. It may be my first novel. (I say may because I could fall short of this goal…which is familiar territory for me.)

Other things have certainly changed in my life as I’ve been writing on here as well. I graduated school. I got a job. I got a haircut. I attempted to build a lamp. I started sending marbles around the world. I missed a lot of self-made deadlines for silly goals. I even developed a short lived crack addiction and was invited to join the cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Okay, I made that last part up.

It was meth…and I wasn’t invited on the show…

But despite all those silly things I would just like to write one sincere and complete message for you Dear Reader.

It’s all your fault. Yes, you. Put down that drink and read this! It’s your fault! You did this to me!

You made me feel comfortable writing and that let me feel entitled to write more and more. Your positive comments have only helped push me deeper into this realm, and now I fear there is no turning back. Your kind words and support my have ruined me…

And since I’m having so much fun doing this I just wanted to say thanks. Really. You small band of silly subscribers are the reason why I keep coming back to this place and writing guilt-ridden posts about why I’m not entertaining you as often as I should.

Thank you.

I mean it.

But just saying thank you isn’t enough. I want to give credit where credit is due. Some of you have put up with my self obsessed ramblings for far too long.

Some of the following blogs are made by people that I really admire. They are also people whom I personally feel are responsible for me wanting to do a good job whenever I post something on here. I have and will always look up to them. They are the standard by which I judge myself. If you have ever at any point thought that my ramblings have gotten better (or worse) over time, then you should look in the direction of these people who are directly responsible for molding me into what I am today.

Please support them by clicking their name and giving their stuff a look-n-see. They’re all wonderful and they all do a much better job than I do. I promise that any kind words I say about them were are not exaggerated nor were they bought with bribe money. (Well, okay, not MUCH bribe money…but a guy’s got to put food on the table somehow.)

Still Growing – If my memory serves correctly, she was the first person to begin following my blog. Whether she did it out of pity or interest means nothing, all that matters is that she is an author that I look up to in more ways than one. Her insight and honesty is unfounded and I hope you read her blog and feel the same connection I do whenever I read any of words. She can craft words to make you giggle or cry(and as a man I feel no regrets admitting that ). She can also run a pretty well oiled machine over there. If you read her stuff you will not regret it.

Fish of Gold – This is one of the most interesting people I have come across here on WordPress. Actually, if I knew her in person I would probably think she is the most interesting person I’ve ever met in general. She isn’t afraid to take on any topic and she is always willing to throw down her viewpoint. She’s also sharper than a double edged axe. This makes her wildly entertaining. She is also a professional in the quality of her words and she’s so subtle about it you hardly even notice it.  Plus she does a lot of lists…and I’m a sucker for lists.

Frank C. Bishop – This guy. This guy comes across as a real guy just being a guy. He is genuine and funny. He has his finger on the pulse of pop culture which always results in something great for you. Funny. Smart. Topical. Who wouldn’t like that combination? So…go ahead…click it. You know you want to. (He hasn’t posted in a while because he’s all married and stuff now, but he’ll be back.)

Excerpts From Non-existent Books – This is one of my favorite blogs because this librarian is capable of telling a better story in 200 words than I could in 2,000. All he does is create short excerpts from novels that don’t actually exist. Actually, he writes each piece so well that I’m certain he’s hardly a human being at all. My best guess is super writing cyborg from the future…This is what writing talent looks like.

Covers and Content – This is a personal friend of mine who is wildly creative as well as wildly Swedish. Her writing is astounding, her art is mesmerizing, and her blog is young. She makes my attempts at writing look like they were written by a drunken polar bear and my attempts at art look like they are as creative as a slice of moldy bread. Go support her and help her expose the world to her wonderful creations.

Snotting Black – This lady right here is the real deal. So real that I’m going to give her to official title of “The Real Freakin’ Deal”. She’s funny. Not funny like I just saw some uncle slip into the lake while watching American’s Funniest Videos, but funny like… like…like a good writer that knows how to write comedy and can actually hold your attention. She’s self-deprecating to the point of making your self-defecating. She’s so funny you’ll poop yourself. No lie. Reader beware, you will ruin your shorts if you click that link.

If there are some you reading this who are slightly offended because I didn’t include you on my list, please remember that I only take checks and cash for bribes. If you tried using the Paypal account your money did not get to me it actually went to a prince in Africa.

And to cap things off I just want to reiterate my thanks for you readership/participation in this whole thing. This year has been wonderful to share with you. I hope many more years come after this one. I also hope that you stick around too. I’m going to do my best to finally accomplish my goal this year and after that all bets are off.

Thanks again,


Thirsty Thursday #2

May 10, 2012

EDIT: Apparently I tried to set this up to be written some time ago (last week some time.) Then I unexpectedly became very lethargic and have allowed this to post…without anything really written on it… So yeah. Now I look like a lazy fool that just lets his blog post things by itself.

Needless to say, I have altered this draft and it is now in it more final and presentable form. Sorry to blow that one for you. My bad.

Today’s drink? Boylan Bottling Creme Soda.

Enter wonderfully creative and artistic shot of soda here…

You will be certain to see more reviews from this same company. (That’s because I have bought several sodas from this company have have already ingested them…)

So…more cream soda. (Creme in this case).

There is something very smooth about this soda. It has a strong flavor that’s pleasant and not too strong. It’s sweet, but not so sweet that you want to just drink half of it. It’s sweet enough to remind you that you’re still drinking a soda while still allowing the actual vanilla do it’s job.

The smell is a little light. Lighter than I would want.

The biggest downside to this whole thing is the fact that it was pretty flat. I like the carbonation in sodas because it mixes things up and keeps it exciting as you drink it. It’s an active drink. It does stuff. Like make you burp. This did not make me burp. It just kind of relaxed and when down your throat with no questions asked. This made it a little less fun and a little bit more grown up. And maybe I’m not one to have a very serious soda but this struck me as a little plainer than what I would want from a drink.

While you might not like the idea of a drink resisting the back of your throat, I do. I think a soda should be busy in your mouth. It should be just engaging that it makes you want to swallow it just as the novelty wears off.

Overall, I think this drink was tasty, but pales in comparison to Virgil’s. It came flat (which could have just been luck of the draw, sometimes drinks are just flat) which didn’t make me too happy. It was smooth and felt genuine in it’s vanilla flavor, but the drink might have taken itself a little too seriously…if sodas can do that.

Feel free to check out their very pretty website at Boylan Bottling Co. which I am not associated with at all.


The Fifth of May

May 4, 2012

For some this is a wonderful day. Many celebrate the day with cheers and fireworks. Some celebrate it because they were married on that day (some personal friends I know). And some people celebrate it in the coolest way possible.

Free Comic Book Day.

All around the country comic book retailers are giving away comic books to help boost the cause of leotard wearing heroes. They will be supporting the growth of one of the most American and genuine forms of visual media that exists today. Also, they will have people dressed up in some pretty sweet costumes that are likely to make me jealous. (Yeah, I want to be a stormtrooper…so what?)

I also may get to see an actual TARDIS. Now that would be pretty awesome. If I do come across a real one (as is implied by the email I receieved) then soon history will change because I will travel through time and will likely insert myself into some pretty significant moments in history. I might even have a presidential portrait. (Spoilers).

The point is…if I post tomorrow…it may not have been posted tomorrow. It may have been posted by me, but the me from the future. And not the me of the future that is the tomorrow me, but the 2186 me. I could also end up being the same person from the 2186 version as I am now because I could have traveled through time to get there, then realized how I forgot to post on this Saturday nearly 200 years earlier.

Are you still with me?

I know it’s complicated. But that’s time travel for you. It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff.

You too should also visit a comic book store so they continue to stay in business as well as provide the public with free services like TARDIS tours and stormtrooper marches. You know, cool things.


Thirsty Thursday #1

May 3, 2012

There’s nothing much more American that sitting around with your buds having a beer. It’s almost like a male ritual. The hiss and pop of the can or the crack of the bottle cap is known as a peaceful gesture. Just look at men’s behavior next time they get alcohol in their hands. Their body language changes. They relax. They feel comfortable. Every once in a while they take a nice swig of their brew and let the day’s troubles flow away.

I love this concept. To walk up to a group of friends and say “beer me”, and to have it recipocated, would be a real pleasure. It let’s you feel like you’re a part of the group. You belong here.

Some guys like the popular big name beers. Other’s prefer to go with the lesser known beers. Even fewer have found locally created micro-brews to sip on. Everybody has a preference.

I’m telling you all this because I want this but I can’t have it.

There is one little hang-up.

I don’t drink.

It’s not because I’m a recovering alcoholic. It’s not because I have an allergy. And it’s not because I think I’m above people who drink.

Nope. It’s just … icky. In more ways than one. (Mostly because any alcohol tastes mysteriously like urine.)

So, since I’ll never enjoy the feeling of having an ice-cold brewski in my hand, I should at least make the attempt to find something that can come close to being a slightly cool alternative. Something that can let me feel like I’m a part of the group when my buddies are standing around the grill having a beer.

So I’m going to pick gourmet soda.

Okay, maybe it’s not that manly of a substitue, but it’s something. It will also look a lot better than standing there with a virgin daiquiri in my hands.

Actually for the past few weeks I’ve been picking up a few of these sodas and have been pleasantly surprised. So surprised that I feel like you should hear/see the benefits of my non-beer drink search.

What follows is the first of a multi-part series that will feature yours truly tasting the finest and most delectable gourmet sodas from around the world. (While that sounds all nice and organized, it really isn’t. Actually, it’s more like I’m just going to try to talk about a soda I found at the store that also manages to have the words “gourmet” written on them.)

So, just like a warm RC cola…you may not totally enjoy it, but it’s better than nothing.


Today’s selection: Virgil’s Cream Soda

Virgil’s Cream Soda is probably not the first soda I should have picked for my weekly segment. You want to know why? Because they’re probably isn’t going to be another cream soda that can beat it. Honestly, I have had a lot of cream soda in my life and this pretty much beats them all. It beats them in the way a 1980’s Mike Tyson would beat up my grandmother in a fistfight. (Don’t worry too much, granny survived giving birth to 5 boys and would get in a few good shots with her left hook.)

Number one: the packaging is incredible. I don’t know much about the history or background of the company, but let’s be honest, there isn’t anything more manly than featuring a burly and bushy bearded male wearing an apron and green flannel. The apron tells me that he is a professional in making tasty fizzy drinks. The flannel tells me he probably does this as a hobby because his other job is chopping down endangered redwood forests with an axe. Even his powerful stare would supress the growls of an angry grizzly bear into the equivalent of  a sneezing squirrel.

The color of the soda is perfect. An amber glow is the only way I could describe it. Why is this important? Because most cream sodas have a clear or urinish sheen to them. This looks like a hearty ale. It doesn’t only look inviting but it practically lulls you into pouring it’s sweet goodness inside your belly.

What waits inside is one of the clearest and most refreshing vanilla aromas that could fill your nostrils.

The taste is remarkable.

The first sensation to cross your taste buds leaves you surprised by how light the drink is. It’s not overpowering. A good balance. It is a carbonated drink but it’s not too sharp on the tongue. It gives a slight sizzle and calms down nicely. This means you don’t have to worry about the “bite” that is usually found in more artificial drinks.

This lack of a bite and full aroma that swirls around your sinuses allows you to appreceiate every drop. And trust me, I did. The bottle in the photo above lasted less than two minutes. And I think that was the second bottle of the day.

The second sensation is the aftertaste. It’s pleasant. It’s does stick around for a little bit, but that’s okay. If you’re not used to drinking a soda then you may even say it’s a little sweeter after it leaves the mouth. If you’re a seasoned veteran of the soda taste (I’m calling myself a vet now) then you’ll find it soothing.

Let’s put it this way, if sodas were hats, Virgil’s would be sitting on top of the Pope’s head.

Overall rating: excellent. If you can find this in a store, it’s well worth the money. There are only four bottles per pack but you won’t regret your decision. Just make sure they’re cold and you’ve got the grill on because there couldn’t be anything much better than that.

(If you’re really interesting in learning more about the company/drink…I’ve provided you with the link to their heavenly creations: Virgil’s Root Beer/Cream Soda)


Fluffy Goodness

May 2, 2012

My life has changed darastically in the past 96 hours. You know why? Because I’m the proud owner of these bad boys.

(Not actually these pillows of course. These were stolen from the internet in order to serve as a very pleasant visual descriptor of the joy I’ve been experiencing lately. So if you own these images, please don’t sue me. Just send me more free pillows that are of this quality. Thank you.)

I bought some new pillows and I highly recommend that you do the same. (Particularly of this fine brand that can be found right in the middle of the Google image search you pull up after typing in “pillows”.)

Even this very moment I’m imagining myself just curling up in my bed caressing these wonderful pillows. They’re like being hugged by a cloud made of happiness and 500 milligrams of tryptophan.

And they’re not even that nice of pillows. They’re just new. They aren’t  flat and lumpy. They aren’t causing a crick in my neck from the odd angle of my head resting on its side. They don’t even have those mysterious smells in them anymore that reminded me of peanut butter and crab cakes. (No, I didn’t sleep on pillows that were smothered with peanut butter and crab cakes. And if I did then I wouldn’t openly admit that to you right now. I would play the deny game.

Just good, clean, soft pillows. That’s all it takes.

:::Takes deep breath:::


I like this breathing thing. I should do it more often.

I should also mention how I’m so excited with my new pillows that I think these bags of cotton have made me reexamine my entire life.

So here’s a list of things that simple pillows have made me look at:

  1. Straight lines are only good on clothing/furniture if the lines stay straight. They just look weird if they get wrinkled.
  2. I need to buy some more shelf space for random items (books) in my room.
  3. There are also a few older books that I really should depart with…(harsh reality)
  4. I may need to buy an electric guitar soon. Why? Because I have wanted one for 11 years and still don’t own one. And it’s not like I couldn’t afford it.
  5. I’ve kept some old assignments from college that will never be used ever again. These should go as well.
  6. Boxes are at least seven times better than bags.
  7. I need to clear some things off my plate. (Or at least limit those activities to a specific time every day).
  8. Wads of cash that I compulsively hoard don’t do any good unless I spend them.

Yes, all these thoughts were conceived from the rest and relaxation I have experienced from new pillows. You should probably join the fluffy goodness as soon as possible. (I’m thinking I could start a cult that does nothing but nap all day on fresh pillows and I wouldn’t have any seconds thoughts about it.)

Snoring peacefully,



This Place is a Mess

May 1, 2012

Just look around here! There are digital cobwebs in the corners of this page for Pete’s sake. All the pixels are very dusty. There is even a new section of my blog called “even older posts.” It’s a lot like an elephant burial ground. Very morbid. Very sad.

No, don’t look for it. It doesn’t really exist. I’m just pointing out that this place is practically falling apart without me.

So we need to spiff things back up! But a little elbow grease into those dusty areas. Spruce it up a notch or two. Maybe put in a nice potted plant to  balance the room. Feng Shui if you will. How about a bonsai tree?

Now that our chakras are in line, let’s meditate on the vastness of the universe together.

Remember, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

:::Deep breath:::

:::Deep cough due to the dusty room:::

So whatever happened to that girl that said she was going to take care of this place anyway? She’s a real slacker.



What’s up? How have you been? How’s the wife and kids? Or the cats? Or the nothing?

That sounds much better. “How’s the nothing?”

Oh me? Oh, yeah, things are fine. As always. They’re just dandy…

Since we’re being so personal let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. I haven’t posted in a little while because I’m a lazy bum. Don’t feel bad though. I’ve neglected everything else as well. It wasn’t until today and yesterday that I finally caught up in grading homework from about three weeks ago.

Yeah…I’m a bad person.

As for what’s been going on at work:

We’re hitting the part of the year when everything HAS to fall in place. If it doesn’t then we screw everything up. Grades need to be ready soon. Testing starts back up next week. I have to do inventory for the lab supplies. And I’m certain there are going to be meetings out of the Wazoo. (For those of you who don’t know, the Wazoo is a small and secretive hut used by teachers to have very cramped and pointless meetings. It is usually found behind the cafeteria dumpsters.)

As for what’s been going on in writing:

Not a whole lot. These words you see here are actually the first words I’ve written in about a week. (This means if you received any email/messages from me you are either 1) very lucky because I haven’t done much of anything lately or 2) It’s not actually me it’s an evil doppelganger that somehow found out how to log on to my account.)

As for what’s been going on in life:

I have taken up a new hobby. I drink “gourmet sodas” and I am currently in the search for the perfect cream soda. My journey thus far has taken me to some interesting places. I’ll be sure to share some of these awesome sodas with you soon enough.

Oh, you know why you’ll learn about them? Because I’m going to introduce my very first weekly post.

NEW GOAL: (I love making up goals too much). Create and maintain a weekly segment of posts. They shall henceforth fall on Thursday.

It shall also be known as THIRSTY THURSDAY. It will be my weekly review of another silly soda that has gourmet credentials. (I.E. says “gourmet” on the bottle.)

Sound good? Cool.

So that’s Thursdays planned for the next foreseeable future. (Or until I find that perfect cream soda.)

I’m also going to do my best to make sure that I’m trowing up (bleh!) something on here for the next week. That’s right. It’s another goal of 1 post per day for a week. (When it rains, it pours.)

Maybe some of those posts will be meaningful. Maybe some of them will feature kittens (because everybody loves kittens, right?). There’s even a chance that they could feature me ranting about how I almost killed myself at work the other day. I dunno, but the real point is, expect some more activity on my side of the screen very shortly.

We got things to do.