Fluffy Goodness

May 2, 2012

My life has changed darastically in the past 96 hours. You know why? Because I’m the proud owner of these bad boys.

(Not actually these pillows of course. These were stolen from the internet in order to serve as a very pleasant visual descriptor of the joy I’ve been experiencing lately. So if you own these images, please don’t sue me. Just send me more free pillows that are of this quality. Thank you.)

I bought some new pillows and I highly recommend that you do the same. (Particularly of this fine brand that can be found right in the middle of the Google image search you pull up after typing in “pillows”.)

Even this very moment I’m imagining myself just curling up in my bed caressing these wonderful pillows. They’re like being hugged by a cloud made of happiness and 500 milligrams of tryptophan.

And they’re not even that nice of pillows. They’re just new. They aren’t  flat and lumpy. They aren’t causing a crick in my neck from the odd angle of my head resting on its side. They don’t even have those mysterious smells in them anymore that reminded me of peanut butter and crab cakes. (No, I didn’t sleep on pillows that were smothered with peanut butter and crab cakes. And if I did then I wouldn’t openly admit that to you right now. I would play the deny game.

Just good, clean, soft pillows. That’s all it takes.

:::Takes deep breath:::


I like this breathing thing. I should do it more often.

I should also mention how I’m so excited with my new pillows that I think these bags of cotton have made me reexamine my entire life.

So here’s a list of things that simple pillows have made me look at:

  1. Straight lines are only good on clothing/furniture if the lines stay straight. They just look weird if they get wrinkled.
  2. I need to buy some more shelf space for random items (books) in my room.
  3. There are also a few older books that I really should depart with…(harsh reality)
  4. I may need to buy an electric guitar soon. Why? Because I have wanted one for 11 years and still don’t own one. And it’s not like I couldn’t afford it.
  5. I’ve kept some old assignments from college that will never be used ever again. These should go as well.
  6. Boxes are at least seven times better than bags.
  7. I need to clear some things off my plate. (Or at least limit those activities to a specific time every day).
  8. Wads of cash that I compulsively hoard don’t do any good unless I spend them.

Yes, all these thoughts were conceived from the rest and relaxation I have experienced from new pillows. You should probably join the fluffy goodness as soon as possible. (I’m thinking I could start a cult that does nothing but nap all day on fresh pillows and I wouldn’t have any seconds thoughts about it.)

Snoring peacefully,




2 Responses to “Fluffy Goodness”

  1. Alba Says:

    If you’re going to get rid of old books, you should do it the cool way – check out http://www.bookcrossing.com/

  2. I completely support new pillows. =D When I become the supreme overlord of the tri-state area, I will declare New Pillows for Everyone!
    Why is it that the sight of new fluffy pillows makes me sigh with longing? Oh, yeah… Time for new pillows.

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