Stacks on Stacks (of things to do)

September 17, 2012

Currently I have about (roughly estimating) 500 assignments to grade.

I also have bills to pay.

I have laundry to put in the dryer.

I have lessons to create.

Plans to set.

And forms to return.

Yet here I am.


So, hugs all around. High fives here and there. Tips of the hat to one another.

Let’s just dust off our hands on our pant legs and get right back down to business.

The purpose of me doing this whole thing was to write a book. This past summer (let’s refer to this dark period as the “transitional period”) I made a decision. I’m going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo this November.

This means a lot of things. It means I’m going to have make the habit of typing out thoughts again. It means I’m going to have to be creative outside of work again. It means I’m going to have to plan out a story that will last the required 50,000 words. It means I’m going to have to write a book.

Oh, and there are still marbles to be sent. Lamps to be made. Pictures to take. Opinions to share. Quips to … quip.

Now…let’s just see if I can actually pick this up tomorrow and not create another dead end in terms of my online presence.

And yes, yes… I missed you too.



6 Responses to “Stacks on Stacks (of things to do)”

  1. charmcitycreativedesigns Says:

    I am with you, I am a medical assisting instructor and have tons of papers to grade and grades to calculate because we finish in 6 days. I have bills
    To pay and house to clean it never ends lol

  2. Kodiko Says:

    I am going to Singapore this week and you never sent me the marble :( But glad you are back and look forward to reading your posts in my inbox :D

    • I’M SO SORRY!

      Really, I am. As a punishment for my laziness I will… cut off a pinky toe.

      Okay, that’s a little extreme. I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’ll be sure to make it really bad. Not cutting off a pinky toe bad…but bad.

  3. Alba Says:

    Do you have any idea what you’re going to write yet?

    • Me? Plan ahead?

      Come on now…

      Why…should I have this planned out pretty well by now?

      • Alba Says:

        You and plans… yeah, I have no idea what i was thinking.

        Some people have detailed timelines and background files on all of their characters by now. Sone people won’t know what they’ll be writing until November first. I… have a vague idea of what I want to write, that’ll have to be enough for now.

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