So you really want to know more about me?

I’m a 27 year old guy from central Florida that teaches Biology at a high school by day. By night, I am the Batman defending the orange groves from the Riddler and in close chase behind the Joker at Epcot.

I write so I can get better at expressing myself in a written form. I also do it so I can have a tad bit of accountability to write a novel. Have I made any progress on that goal? No. But that’s half the fun of visiting this place, I might end up doing it right in front of you, or I might get distracted by funny looking clouds and it’ll remind me that I should talk to you about how it reminded me of my neighbor throwing tomatoes at a parked car when I was a kid. For you it’s a win-win.

I have also made this place the official place of business for me trying to put a marble in every country in the world. That’s a lofty/lifelong goal.

I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies including:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Guitar
  • Painting
  • Board/card games
  • Disc golf
  • Comic Books
  • Cooking

Got any questions or concerns about this nonsense? Put them in the comments.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Shannon F. Says:

    You’re funny. #19 made me actually laugh, which is an accomplishment because I’m in a bad mood. Keep writing:)

  2. joem18b Says:

    #43 – I’m just the opposite on that one.

  3. Taku Says:

    Haha, it seems we have a lot in common XD

  4. huffygirl Says:

    Hello Douglas A. Bancroft, if that is your real name. Great “About” section. Good thing you had it all ready to go, just in time to get Freshly Presssed. Congrats.

  5. Evil Bekka Says:

    Wow, I geek out over much of #18 and also love chocolate and the Venture Bros and Bluebell is the absolute best ice cream EVER. I approve of you and your list. I married a man who smells like peanut butter and can’t do haircuts, so he shaves his head — you should try it if you have a nice skull and if you can grow a goatee (without the facial hair, he just looks like Yule Brenner…). Keep writing!

  6. emily graban Says:

    let’s talk about number 34. is that why you hate the beach?

    • From my calculations #34 pertains to the sensation I get in the back of my neck sometimes. I can only describe it as sandy/gritty. It’s quite odd. It’s almost like an hour glass has been turned over in the back of my throat.

      Does this play a role in my hatred of the beach? Subconsciously it probably does. But I know people who experience this same feeling and they still really enjoy the beach.

      But is there a way I could sum up my hatred of the beach?

      Simple. One time when I was young I thought the ocean was going to swallow me up and take me away. My dad saw the whole thing. Also, I can swim, but I really just don’t like the act of swimming. It’s an odd feeling for me as well, nearly as odd as the gritty/sandy feeling.

      I hope that addresses some of your concerns.If it doesn’t, please feel free to comment again and tell me I’m an idiot and spent way too much time typing a response to your short comment.

      Thanks for reading anyway.

  7. charebo Says:

    “And they smell like everything is right in the world” – The smell of books can make me feel better when nothing else can. Very amusing list, and very enjoyable blog – thanks.

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