“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”  — Loretta Lynn

But everybody dies sooner or later. That’s why you should spend as much of your life doing what you love.

This is why people have bucket lists. They have a list of things that they MUST do before they die. I’m no exception to this idea. I really would like to accomplish a few things before my life ends here on earth. One of those is to get something published as a writer. To really stand out on my own and show the world that I am important and unique in my own way.

“I just had a dream about zombies, some were green and some were purple; some fake, some real. I just know that it kind of freaked me out” — Me


I know, I had a good thing going there. I was making you think about life and what really matters to you. You might have even been thinking that you totally knew where this was going. This blog was going to be remarkably unoriginal, the guy was totally a wuss, and you were totally bored. Then I’ve got to screw everything all up.

Well I’m okay with that. And if you are as well,  then keep on reading.

To explain the title of the post, I would really like to create my own new world.

No, not in that maniacal kind of way. I’m not some villain that is trying to destroy the world and rebuild it in their image. And that image would likely involve transforming the state of Connecticut into a giant trampoline. I’m not sure if that could  be done, but I would be such a ruthless dictator that I would make it happen. Oh yeah, I’d live in a volcano and wear a spiky helmet.

No, no. I’m not one of those people. But I do wear an eye patch and plot doom for others…

When I say “create my own world” I mean to find a new field of personal expression.

Okay, let’s not play games here, I’m not actually a ‘writer’. I’m more of a reader who aspires to write. In turn I will be using this tool to help me become more of a writer. That basically means I’m going to write things (stories and ideas) in a manner that isn’t totally embarrassing for myself as well as a little entertaining for you. I will put a lot of work into making something entertaining, but am mostly just publishing this to learn more about the craft of writing. Finding my voice if you will.

Also, I would love to hear the opinions of those on the internet (the most receptive audience in the world, I know). You reading this (and any future writings) can provide me with essential advice that will help me hone and develop my small amount of skill into something that I can be happy with.

Within a week I plan on adding a short story. Feel free to express your opinions and tell me how to edit and format the work. You can tell me what works and what doesn’t. You can tell me to print it and then burn it, destroy my computer, and smack my deceased mother for giving birth to me. Hey, you can even compliment me from time to time.

Either way, I hope we can have fun and I can scratch something off my bucket list in the future.

Sincerely, D.A. Bancroft