For your navigational enjoyment I’ve listed all my short stories/writing here so you may peruse it at your leisure. I will add more as the collection will surely grow. 

It should be noted that all the stories that follow are given in chronological order. And if you click the title, you get linked to the story it’s describing. Isn’t that just swell? 

+ Memorandum RE: Galaxy +

A short story (my first) showing the daily life of an alien as he finds out that his home world is about to be taken over by a bureaucratic data collection agency. There are also brain implants thrown in for good measure.

Word Count: 2,463

+ Charlie 3 +

Soldiers get ready to jump into battle. But are they ready to die for their cause when the war seems so hopeless? Their target is bigger than they could imagine.

Word Count: 1,099

+ When I Grow Up +

Short tale about a little girl who is a Girl Scout as well as a hired mercenary and excellent jewel thief. Who wouldn’t want to read this JEWEL of a story? (See what I did there?)

Word Count: 1,592

+ Moving Ahead +

What happens when you are woken up in the morning by the people who are moving you out of your apartment? And what happens when their plan of moving has a few holes in it?

Word Count: 2,041

+ Journey’s End +

The tale of a battered and weary traveler. He has reached the end of his arduous journey. Will death take him? (I guess you can ignore the blog post at the end, but then the story’s ending doesn’t quite make sense…)

Word Count: 469

+ Bottoms Up +

A flash fiction story of a boy trying to impress the girl of his dreams at her 11th birthday party. It involves swimming. He gives her a very unique gift.

Word Count: 368

+  The Man in Blue +

A tale of a man at the end of his rope who is confronted by a man in a blue suit. He hands over a briefcase full of money. He also hands him a reason to live…or die.

Word Count:1,877

+ Happy Birthday +

Very short story of a little boy who devises a plan to get to open his birthday present early.

Word Count: 1,001

+  Good Boy +

This is another story that features one of my favorite plot devices. Something that could potentially explode. It also has a dog named Ricky and a human named Raymond. Together they fight crime. Sort of.

Word Count: 1,268

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