More self examination

May 29, 2011

I’m sure most who write blogs (probably you) take pride in your work. And you should! It’s not easy.

But I’m sure most of you have a name for your blog that you’re proud of. It’s a real statement. It sums everything up about who you are and what you’re doing here.

Bookforme is the name of this blog.

Not very good is it? While I’m sure I could change it I would like to tell you why I will not.

The name bookforme will stay there as a constant reminder to me that my goal in writing is to complete a book.

When I came up with this blog, I wanted to accomplish one thing in particular. I wanted to write a book. I don’t care if it gets published or not. I don’t care if it’s even that good. But I do care if I can actually get it done. This is going to be tough for me because I am not a particularly skilled writer.

I have no plans on writing a book right now. I’m still trying to learn how to write posts and comments without making myself look like a total dweeb. But when I get a lot of short stories under my belt I will try writing a book. I expect that this blog will likely end up being where I post each chapter as I write it. I might even end up breaking chapters into sections and release those. In all reality, I’m not at that bridge, so I’m not going to worry about it much right now.

What I am going to worry about are the little things. I need to know about creating a story. Whether it’s formal or not, I need the knowledge base to develop those ideas. I also need to learn more about grammar. I know some may warn away from spending too much time here, but I think I need to feel confident enough about it in order to put my mind at rest. Plus, it’s not like I have an editor or anything. I edit my own stuff.

Here are some other goals I would love to accomplish in anticipation of writing a book:

1. Write over 50 short stories. (hopefully they will get better with time).

2. Write some sort of short serial. That means I would like to write a number of short stories that actually have some line of continuity through them. This seems to be like it could be the most fun in my near future.

3. Try things like poetry/haikus/jokes/lyrics on some occasion. (In order to bring my attention to other forms of writing.)

4. Network with other writers in order to help me develop what I do into a real skill.

5. Write a novellete. (This could or not become my future full blown novel, but trying a story in that form would be a tremendous adventure and likely be good practice in creating a long story.)

6. Shorten the time it takes to let a story form in my mind and then write it down.

7. Reach my goal of a complete book within 2 years. (This could be subject to change, but only in a shorter time frame, not a longer one)

Overall, I think these are reachable goals. You’ll notice that the number of short stories should take me about a full year to finish (at one story per week). That would give me the chance to work on a novel for a whole year. I’m sure I need this much time in order to change and edit if I need to.

Hey, maybe I’ll write a book and then I’ll say to myself, “Oh that was not that bad”. Then I’ll get confident enough to keep it up. Or maybe you will all form an angry mob and demand my retirement from the field. Either way, I look forward to a book for me.