August 11, 2011

My day today was pretty boring. I went to the last day of my first week of workshops. While I was there I made a few acquisitions. The county had received a number of donations to the county, namely textbooks, stickers, and gigantic chocolate candy bars.

Wait a second. That doesn’t sound boring at all!

Because it was awesome!


Yeah, it’s totally real.


Is this not one of the more crazy things you’ve ever seem? It’s called “The World’s Largest Hersey Bar” appropriately enough. And yes, that small red sliver next to it is a full length ruler. No, that’s not a baby doll sized bed that it’s resting on, it’s my very own. Want to see more. Of course you do.

Wait a second, does that say “5 LB” in the lower left hand corner?

Yeah. It does. Wondering how many serving sizes are contained within this beastly bar of bliss?

Way ahead of you.

Nutritional Facts

Just in case you were wondering, (and I know you were), I did the math for you.

That’s 12,000 Calories.

Well, I’m out of words to even describe this gem.

Not sure if somebody has died from a chocolate overdoes…but I guess you will soon find out.