July 22, 2011

I graduated from college nearly 3 months ago.

Wait a second. Three months?

That’s silly.

I have taken tests and turned in assignments to pass classes. I have gone through two internships and worked as a full time teacher, just for the experience, with no pay. I earned a degree from a large university. I took 3 different tests by the state of Florida to become a “certified” teacher. I’m the real McCoy.

Still that isn’t quiiiitttte enough for me to earn my job. I must take one more test. If I pass this test, I will be hired. I can earn the title of D.A. Bancroft “Working Stiff”.

Just one more test…

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty nervous. I have had about 72 hours to prepare, and that’s not enough in my book. I like to know things ahead of time so I can really study, rather than cram.

Still, at 10:30 a.m., I will give it my best shot. I will do this because job offers aren’t an everyday thing. Because the rest of my life may unfold before me. Because I know I can handle the challenge. Because, I don’t have anything better to do.

So wish me luck. Maybe I’ll post a “Happy I just got hired” post, or a “Sad but still determined” post.

From his worried study corner,




Prime Directive #1

May 25, 2011

I decided on something for my blog. 

When I feel lazy (like today), I will still post on this thing. That means I will actually write something rather than just posting a sentence and a video of a cat playing with some yarn (as awesome as that would be.). I want to do this because I really think just writing for others to read will help develop my writing ability. If it’s public, then people may read it, and I would want to make sure that I’m writing something that isn’t going to be made fun of. So, despite my mood, I’ll end up putting effort into making something worth looking at.

The main goals of this blog are to promote my desire to write and help me become a better writer. It doesn’t matter what I write, as long as I write it. Heck, even making posts with around 250 words is “writing”. As minimal as that might sound to some of you, that’s quite a bit for me. So I guess just posting on here is helping me accomplish those goals. So, there’s Prime Directive #1: Always write something.

Let’s talk some more about goals.

“Write something that challenges you”. That’s what I keep telling myself. That could apply to subject matter as well as just trying to make a very complex story actually work. You know, I’m sure there are plenty of good writers out there that still don’t feel like they’ve accomplished any of this before. So I think that’s a good and logical goal to have. Therefore, Prime Directive #2: Challenge Yourself.

My next story will come on Sunday, May 29th, at 8 p.m. What’s it about? I dunno. Small people that worship the sky? Soda pop and cargo shorts? I guess you’ll have to read it to find out.

Secondary Goal #1: Come up with something better than a plot that involves cargo shorts.

I am aiming for something shorter than my last story (like I said in my previous posts). I will be going for humor, so make sure you warm up your “LOL’s” and “Haha’s” and possibly “TeeHee’s” in the comment sections on my newest story. Hey, you can also leave some of those on my last short story. It’s titled Memorandum RE: Galaxy. You know, that story I’ve been promoting for the past week +.

Secondary Goal #2: Shamelessly self promote your own work wherever you can.

Hey. I’m writing, you’re reading, it’s all good.