And The Winner is…..

June 16, 2011

Peter the Poet.

This man was kind enough to participate in my contest, not only once, but twice.

He was also the only human being to participate as well.

So, kudos to you, Peter!


You can find his page Cottonbombs right here. 

I may do a contest again in the future,  but judging from the warm reception of this last attempt, I’ll have to change up how I go about that in the first place. It’s almost as if nobody wanted my lovely gifts…

In a completely unrelated note, me and a buddy saw the movie Super 8 today. Now, I’m not sure what critics and people are really saying about this movie, but I really enjoyed it. It’s sci-fi, fun, and well made. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but the story is very simple. There really isn’t anything all too deep about the characters. You get what you see.

Usually I would consider this a big downside of a film. I really like complex stories. This one, though, seemed to break that mold for me. Maybe I will be able to look toward the writing in this film and draw some inspiration from the fact that not all stories have to be complex. Sometimes, simple can be good. Maybe all stories are really simple, and I just don’t see it.

So, kudos to you, J.J. Abrams. Now get back to work on the next Star Trek movie. I’ve got an itching to see some Spock ears…

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your day. Original content will return tomorrow.

D.A. Bancroft