Steak Is Still Alive

April 6, 2012

I can’t let this thing end. I’ve gone more than an entire month without missing a day. I’ve worked too hard for too long to just let this thing walk away from me. So, here is my half witted attempt to keep you people happy.

It’s the No-Miss-List of things I usually forget to do:

  1.  Hang up my towel after I’m done with it.
  2. Put that twisty tie thing back on the bread to seal it up.
  3. Do my laundry on a day other than Sunday. Sunday night to be exact.
  4. Clean my razor every day.
  5. Find a devoted area to put my dress pants.
  6. Build a lamp.
  7. Garbage runs on Tuesdays and FRIDAYS. Not Thursdays.
  8. Come up with more interesting posts before I attempt to post things.

There you go. Steak is still working!

Go, me.

And if you noticed that I typed the word “steak” instead of “streak” the entire time…good for you. I’m a moron. You’re the winner.