Thirsty Thursday #3

May 17, 2012

Oh…I bet you thought I would forget about this one…but I slipped it in here just in time to still keep it a Thursday…

So, what am I reviewing today?

Something different. Something usually neglected in the whole field of gourmet sodas.

Ginger ale.

Now you may not consider ginger ale the redheaded stepchild of the soda family, but it really does have a lot to offer. Like, you know, subtle ginger flavoring with lots of carbonated water. Not really a sweet flavor but more of a tingly sensation.

Okay…maybe you’re right…it usually is pretty plain. So I decided to go after the nicest ginger ale I have heard of.

Ale 8 One.

Now that looks like a formidable soda…huh?

And it was actually quite wonderful. Plenty of bubbles, a fine light taste, and not too strong on the gingery side.

I actually ingested this drink with a hearty meal consisting of jalapeno peppers, fried okra, and french fries. With all these flavors trying very hard to fight the Ale 8 One it still seems to come out on top.

This is probably its best quality. It can handle competition between your taste buds. That’s saying something considering we’re talking about one of the plainest sodas you can consume.

No, you’re not doing to lose any sock or see any fireworks while you’re drinking the stuff, but at least it will be cold and bubbly. Hey, it even sort of reminds you of

Among my friends, Ale 8 One stands as almost a legend. It’s like a mythical creature that always seems to slip past our grasp. That’s right, Ale 8 One is the unicorn of gourmet sodas. Why? Because here in Florida it’s pretty hard to come by. This delightful brew was invented and distributed mainly in the state of Kentucky. They have spread to a few other counties outside of Eastern Kentucky (mostly parts of Ohio and Indiana) but Florida is well beyond their normal distribution region.

I was lucky to find it on sale in the restaurant I had ventured to one day. (They actually had an entire wall filled with other gourmet sodas, some of which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks.)

So I give a review of it today so I can officially scratch it off my list of sodas to drink. While it may not be my favorite soda…it could likely win the honor of being my favorite ginger ale…which is kind of like being the world’s greatest assistant janitor. At least it’s the king of something.

They do have an interesting history as well. If you feel interested you can check out their website here. (Tours of the factory on Fridays as well…if I’m ever in Kentucky…)


Gripe #2

March 22, 2012

Since my last post was so successful I’m going to point out a few things that really stick in my craw…

Now, as a note about my previous post, I was serious. Most of the time they are just sad attempts at reaching out. But in some cases they are quite funny. Some of the pun work are pretty good. Everybody who speaks English should at least respect that. It may not bring them in through the door, but at least they may give a little chuckle. And that’s not a bad thing.

Now here is a short(er) list of gripes I have about some not-so-serious topics:

1. Moisture – Come on…when I’m in my house all you do is cause my pages in my books/magazines to wrinkle and help mold to grow in my windows.

Now that I think about it…

2. Mold – Freaking mold…I have that stuff show up in my window at least once a month. It’s like I live in a horror house. My luck I will get a serious disease thanks to this secretive pain…

(Que up the spam folder to fill up with “Prevent Mold in your Home!” messages.)

3. Poptart instructions – Three seconds in the microwave? Three? Are you kidding me? That doesn’t even do anything. Ten seconds minimum.

Now that I think about it…

4. Molten lava from over heated Poptarts – Why must you burn me so?

5. Feral cats –You don’t do anybody any good…You know who you are feral cats…

:::Looks in backyard and shakes fist with rage:::

6.  Slow mail delivery – I gots things to dos. Deliver my mail faster. Like my credit card statement which is strangely not showing up…

7. Fast food – If you advertise to be “fast” with the food you’re delivering…You should, in fact, be fast about it. I live in a town where there is a locally owned fast food restaurant. It’s delicious. It’s delightful. It’s amazingly fattening. It’s also a 20 minute wait at the drive through. Seriously… advertise yourself as “Diner style southern food”. Stop calling yourself fast food.

(Still worth the wait)

8. My own laziness – For obvious reasons. (This explains why I still haven’t earned that doctorate in Quantum Field Theory…)

9. My lack of understanding of Quantum Field Theory – For obvious reasons.

In a totally unrelated note, I may have something super-cool to share with you tomorrow. Maybe.

You have to finish your dinner first though…



September 25, 2011

So I have a few things to pick on. And as a added bonus I shall present them in list form.

I will be speaking directly to all these items I mention.


1. Commercials

Every moment of every day has some infomercial promoting some poorly made product to the masses with bright colors and loud announcers. There is always a 1-800 number associated with it and there is always the low price of $19.99.

Speaking as a consumer I think we are all wary of these tactics. The fact is that you are trying to sell us two of something that is really priced to make a 200% profit. We don’t even really want two of these things anyway.

So let’s just cut the crap and go back to the days of the Ginsu Knives and the George Foreman Lean Mean Meat Grilling Fat Reducing Machine. Not because the products you were selling were of a higher quality, (and they may have been) but because the commercials were at least mildly entertaining.

I still have precious memories of watching a loud man cut through steel cans…

2. Internet games.

Stop trying to draw my attention away from more important matters.

I would love to play you Star Wars The Old Republic/League of Legends/World of Warcraft/Call of Duty but I cannot commit to doing anything that you want me to. I have a job and concerns outside of leveling up so I can get a new mod for my character.

Yes, you are beautiful and flashy. You have cool themes and funny jokes. You challenge my ability to hit buttons faster than a 12 year old Korean kid that does nothing but play these games in his room. Still, I can not commit to you.

So stop tempting me. And if you don’t stop… then I’ll probably buy you and then play you over Christmas break.

3. Food.

How about you stop spoiling before I can eat you? I have managed to throw away wonderful food stuffs out of my refridgerator all because I didn’t have the time nor memory to eat you. If you never went bad this would not be a problem.

4. Cool cartoons from the 90’s.

When I was growing up I learned so much of my humor and life lessons from looking at you. So please make yourself known to the world by appearing on television/the internet more often. I would be happy to list those shows but frankly there are too many. If you were drawn and were on television in the 90’s you should still be shown somewhere. I want to watch you and remember the good old days when I would get home from school and eat some Gushers and drink a Hi-C juice box.

Also, Hi-C juice boxes and Gushers should magically appear in my pantry very soon.

5. My legs.

Stop hurting. I know you don’t like getting used so often but I really need to get places. You just keep doing your job and I’ll get to keep mine.

If possible, could you grow longer? I’m rather short thanks to you and I would like to be able to buy a pair of pants that are actually at the proper length.

That is all. Carry on.



August 11, 2011

My day today was pretty boring. I went to the last day of my first week of workshops. While I was there I made a few acquisitions. The county had received a number of donations to the county, namely textbooks, stickers, and gigantic chocolate candy bars.

Wait a second. That doesn’t sound boring at all!

Because it was awesome!


Yeah, it’s totally real.


Is this not one of the more crazy things you’ve ever seem? It’s called “The World’s Largest Hersey Bar” appropriately enough. And yes, that small red sliver next to it is a full length ruler. No, that’s not a baby doll sized bed that it’s resting on, it’s my very own. Want to see more. Of course you do.

Wait a second, does that say “5 LB” in the lower left hand corner?

Yeah. It does. Wondering how many serving sizes are contained within this beastly bar of bliss?

Way ahead of you.

Nutritional Facts

Just in case you were wondering, (and I know you were), I did the math for you.

That’s 12,000 Calories.

Well, I’m out of words to even describe this gem.

Not sure if somebody has died from a chocolate overdoes…but I guess you will soon find out.


Today Was The Day

August 5, 2011

That you and I both learned about these…

Go ahead and make the Homer Simpson drooling face. We both know you want to.

These little babies are called “Triple Double Stuffed Oreos.

Needless to say, I freaked out a little when I realized these were not simple Double Stuffs. And they are chocolate and vanilla. Don’t overlook that very important detail. It gives these things a very hefty quality.

I just had a few. Really. Only a few.

They are so thick and delicious that I could only handle three.

I know for a fact that millions of Americans have probably already thought of this. I know I have made “Super Oreos” countless times when I was younger. Who couldn’t resist pulling those two cookies apart and scraping the cream filling out. Then trying to assemble it into something that you could barely fit in your mouth.

This is how a real man eats a chocolate sandwich cookie…

You probably don’t think this is all that amazing, but I sure do.

I think this will be my first post about food. This is pretty amazing because I think almost every single blog on the planet has had something about food on it.

Now that I think about it, my last post talked about the World’s Greatest Tuna Melts. So this would be the second time. But it would be the first post dedicated to only speaking about the food topic.

As a matter of fact, one of the comments on the previous post challenged me to post pictures of said sammich of the divine fish. The next time I make one of these things one of these things allows me to make it, I will be sure to post a photo. That is, as long as the camera can survive capturing one of these through a lens.

So expect another post in the future pertaining to this topic.

You’ve been warned…