New Hobby

September 20, 2012

There is something very interesting that I’ve come across in my readings.

(That makes it sound like I’m a research scientist that commonly reads peer reviewed articles all the time. Or it makes me sound like I could be a wizard that reads old tomes for new spells in my arsenal. Or maybe I’m just a nerd for pointing this out.)

In some of the comics I’ve been reading lately the writer has decided to do something very interesting with changing the perspective of the story between two characters.

The comic is called The Unwritten. (It’s fantastic by the way and you should be reading it) Somewhere around issue 30 the author decided to speed up the story by releasing a new issue every two weeks. For comics, every two weeks is insane. Once a month is the standard throughout the industry (and still even popular titles get delayed from meeting this goal from time to time.) So what’s happening here is insane on some level involving logistics and timing.

But the story-driven purpose behind this move is to see the story through two different characters’ eyes. These two characters are the protagonist, a reluctant hero thrown into a situation not of his own doing, and the main antagonist, a very evil man that is immortal and relentless in reaching his goal. On issues with a whole number we learn what happens next to our hero. On issues that have a “.5” after the issue number we get to see more of the baddie’s story.

I don’t think I’ve ever read something like that before that also managed to flow quite so nicely.

While I won’t be able to do exactly the same thing I think I would like to give something like this a shot for my NaNoWriMo novel. I think I’ll incorporate the antagonists story as well. Could be a lot of fun. (I also recognize it could be a massive headache.)

With that said, I think I already have laid the foundation for a story that could potentially work out on this. My short story The Man in Blue could be fun to try and expand upon. I think there’s a whole lot to be said for our poor hero. I think there’s even more to said for our mysterious antagonist.

This is not an official statement on “this is the story”, but it’s a thought that I think could work. I’m also leaning toward my story about that one guy waking up in his underwear and traveling to another dimension. Or I could just totally come up with another idea that will haunt me forever.

Alrighty…that’s all for now.

Sleepy time she comes,




Fluffy Goodness

May 2, 2012

My life has changed darastically in the past 96 hours. You know why? Because I’m the proud owner of these bad boys.

(Not actually these pillows of course. These were stolen from the internet in order to serve as a very pleasant visual descriptor of the joy I’ve been experiencing lately. So if you own these images, please don’t sue me. Just send me more free pillows that are of this quality. Thank you.)

I bought some new pillows and I highly recommend that you do the same. (Particularly of this fine brand that can be found right in the middle of the Google image search you pull up after typing in “pillows”.)

Even this very moment I’m imagining myself just curling up in my bed caressing these wonderful pillows. They’re like being hugged by a cloud made of happiness and 500 milligrams of tryptophan.

And they’re not even that nice of pillows. They’re just new. They aren’t  flat and lumpy. They aren’t causing a crick in my neck from the odd angle of my head resting on its side. They don’t even have those mysterious smells in them anymore that reminded me of peanut butter and crab cakes. (No, I didn’t sleep on pillows that were smothered with peanut butter and crab cakes. And if I did then I wouldn’t openly admit that to you right now. I would play the deny game.

Just good, clean, soft pillows. That’s all it takes.

:::Takes deep breath:::


I like this breathing thing. I should do it more often.

I should also mention how I’m so excited with my new pillows that I think these bags of cotton have made me reexamine my entire life.

So here’s a list of things that simple pillows have made me look at:

  1. Straight lines are only good on clothing/furniture if the lines stay straight. They just look weird if they get wrinkled.
  2. I need to buy some more shelf space for random items (books) in my room.
  3. There are also a few older books that I really should depart with…(harsh reality)
  4. I may need to buy an electric guitar soon. Why? Because I have wanted one for 11 years and still don’t own one. And it’s not like I couldn’t afford it.
  5. I’ve kept some old assignments from college that will never be used ever again. These should go as well.
  6. Boxes are at least seven times better than bags.
  7. I need to clear some things off my plate. (Or at least limit those activities to a specific time every day).
  8. Wads of cash that I compulsively hoard don’t do any good unless I spend them.

Yes, all these thoughts were conceived from the rest and relaxation I have experienced from new pillows. You should probably join the fluffy goodness as soon as possible. (I’m thinking I could start a cult that does nothing but nap all day on fresh pillows and I wouldn’t have any seconds thoughts about it.)

Snoring peacefully,




March 17, 2012

I got another short story coming. 

I didn’t plan it. It just showed up like an unexpected visit from an uncle that has that funny smell. Don’t get me wrong, you love him, he’s your uncle…but that smell. You know what I mean.

It’s one of those moments of Writer’s Non-block. If that’s a thing.

As a matter of fact the idea came to me at about 1 a.m. this morning. Like lightning….

Oh…you’ll see what I did there soon enough…

::Rubs hands together menacingly:::

So yes, this is a short post now telling you that I will have a longer (and hopefully a better) post tomorrow. I could have just surprised you with some productivity by displaying a new short story tomorrow. You would have made a double take. But I’m not going to use too much energy for this post. I’m in the writing mood. I’ve got the basic story down…now I just need to edit and make it better.

This additional brain usage will prevent me from making much more than that awesome pun you read above.

And a few notes: (in convenient listy goodness)

1. This will be more of a shorter story but it won’t be a flash fiction.

2. The reasoning behind this story is something I heard about writing. I’m not sure where I heard this but this is the idea.

There are two kinds of stories. One is a story of ‘The hero goes on a journey’. The second is ‘A stranger comes to town’. 

I like the idea of “a stranger comes to town”. It’s so mysterious. So cool. So here’s my take on that. A stranger comes to town.

3. It’s not going to be the most original idea ever…you’ve probably heard of a variation of it. But this one will be distinctly mine.

It’ll be called The Man in Blue.

Mittens Does It Again

March 5, 2012

I saw that relative today who just happens to have a blog as well. I’m sure you remember me mentioning her.

Now, she said some things that got me both very interested and a little confused. Maybe you can help me out.

In short, she follows around her husband who is a professional athlete. The blog covers this subject. Since he’s not in a sport that really makes big money, they are living very meager lives. They had talked to each other about how she could start seeing some income due to the traffic on her blog.

1. She mentioned how she didn’t expect to see any money from her blog “for a few years”

This is possible? We can make money doing this?

I know asking this reveals one of two things. It shows that I am really slow on picking up on things considering the number of months I’ve done this, or it shows that she has no idea what she is saying despite her very limited experiences blogging.

During this time period I have never once heard of or noticed anything about people getting paid for their work on their own blogs. There is no advertising…right? Maybe WordPress itself is advertising on the blog…but other than that…nothing. So how can you see money from a blog?

I would even understand that you may be able to work for a blog. One that is large enough and needs many different writers could realistically receive enough traffic to pay some money to their writers. Still, I don’t see any ads anywhere. So where is the revenue coming from?

I personally thought this idea was totally wrong but what do I know? Can you get paid for running your own little blog on WordPress?

Had she been running her own website and allowed for advertising on this website…I could totally understand. But…a WordPress blog? I think not.

The more I think about it…I don’t even remember how giving any real personal information to WordPress. So how on this planet would I get a check?

2. She mentioned how she didn’t want to post “too often” because she only wanted to publish things that were of good quality. 

I think she’s a fine writer. I think that idea makes total sense. She only wants to put out things she can be proud of. What’s wrong with that? That’s an admirable quality.

I’m not a very good writer.* and I post pretty regularly. (I even recently challenged myself to make sure I post every day this month). I don’t think all my posts are crap. I think some are written to be fairly entertaining. But I do think some are a little…tired… at times. But don’t even some people who write blogs for a living end up writing pretty lame posts?

Think about a journalist. Sometimes you get to break the story that the CEO of a major corporation is committing adultery with a circus performer in Russia. Sometimes you tell people about the 3rd annual Cutest Kitten Contest at the local VFW where last year’s champion Mittens did it again. (Mittens IS cute….you can’t deny that…)

So am I the one who is being ignorant or is she?

Once again. I’m not trying to pass judgement on her. I’m really interested in knowing the truth behind these matters. Should I post less? Should I expect a check in the mail one day for blogging services rendered? Should I end up training and grooming kittens for Cutest Kitten Contests around the country?


*Edit: I realize that it looks like I’m fishing for compliments but I’m not. It’s a fact that I’m not a good writer.That’s why I made a blog. So I can become a better one. So…don’t get all “Awwww…you’re a good writer.” At least wait until I come up with a solid story at least.

Not Sure What To Write

November 2, 2011

So I’m just going to throw out whatever I think I should.

Yeah, it’s been a while…blah, blah, blah… you know the routine.

So what have I been doing?

Working. Lots and lots of working. And it’s not easy. But hey! This is the thing I’ve wanted to do for years, I’m just trying to see where things will take me. But enough about that.

Here’s some things I’ve really wanted to talk about with people but most everybody I meet doesn’t want to talk about it or they just don’t care.

1. I’m really excited about The Dark Knight Rises. It’s going to be so big and so awesome it’s going to create an epidemic of nerdism around the world.

Why am I so excited?

It’s the end. The final installment of what is easily the BEST hero film franchise ever made. Don’t even bother arguing against it being the best, because it is. Period.

How it all wraps up means so much. That is because this film is in the possession of Mr. Christopher Nolan. It’s being written by David S. Goyer and Christopher and Jonathan Nolan. These three men know how to spin a yarn. And this yarn ball is sure to be the greatest in size they have ever spun. And that’s because there is quite a wide array of options they could choose to end this trilogy. 

The ending scenes are being shot (rumor) with only key people knowing the plot and actual details of the scenes. It’s a big secret. And that’s just driving me crazy. Not knowing isn’t the thing that bothers me, it the part that it’s so important that it HAS to be kept a secret really gets me interested.

And I could probably write 3 posts on just my different predictions of what will actually happen (which I may decide to do this later…) but then again….I don’t want this to become me just ranting about TDKR.

2. This whole thing about Arrested Development getting a mini-series run as well as a movie makes me really happy.

This is one of the funnier shows I’ve ever watched and I’m happy to see it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. It won so many Emmy awards right before it was cancelled that it doesn’t quite make sense. Then again, maybe it does make sense because FOX has been responsible for cancelling some popular and funny shows only to have to bring them back before they see a real uproar about their poor decision making skills.

3. I just remembered the movie/NES video game Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

As I was writing this I watched the entire speed run of the game.

Loved every second.

4. National Novel Writing Month.

Yeah, I’m totally not doing this.

I know, I’m a lame-o/sourpuss/crumb-bum/loser/wimp/whiner/slacker/weakling, but I’m a very busy man. I do things. Like… work. And… sleep. (Which is practically a hobby now-a-days). That’s all I pretty much do.

Now I know why they call this first year of teaching the “survival year”. Because I’m literally trying to stay alive.

I’m just not committed enough. Therefore, I just I’m not that much of a writer…But trust me. I really would like to participate but I just don’t want to participate.

You catch my drift there?

No worries, it’s not like I planned on doing this for a living. This is still my hobby and my goal is to write a novel. And, my personal goal is to have that novel “done” in about a year. So… still on track with that.

5. Speaking of novels. I think I have in mind what I’m going to write the novel about. Unfortunately it’s going to be very complicated and will require a lot of research. Mostly about foreign trade agreements and neutrinos.


Yes, it’s going to be sci-fi. But it’s probably going to be a little bit more of a “hard sci-fi” book than I ever thought I was capable of writing. Or maybe it is going to be more book that I’m capable of writing…

Self reminder, I need to get better at writing first.

Well, still, that’s not going to stop me from trying.

Anyway, the idea is still in it’s infancy but it promises to be (hopefully) unique in how it’s done.

I may even give it a shot on trying to make part of it into a short story, and then work on it from there.

I dunno. We’ll see, won’t we?


And there it is. My little update/random writing moment.

I’m going to try and update more often to make sure the three of you who are probably reading this will still think I’m alive.