Groundhog Day

February 2, 2012

Just some things. IN LIST FORM!

1. Today was Groundhog Day. You know what I did?

Watched the movie Groundhog Day. I don’t think you can find any fault in me for that.

I think I love this movie more than somebody should. I actually enjoy every aspect of it. It’s just funny. It’s serious. It’s romantic. And it’s kind of depressing in parts.

All around it’s a pretty solid movie.

2. I’m a lazy blogger. I’m an ever lazier writer. I think I’ve made plans to write something near 3 stories that I’ve never gotten around to doing.

I make no apologies. This is my nature. I am a procrastinator.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t like that word all that much. “Procrastinator” seems like a bad word. I’m going to use another phrase. I would like to define myself as a “pusher”.

I push things off. It doesn’t mean I’m never going to do them. I just gently push them out of the way in order to make room for other things.

Like lamps. I love them. I really want to build that steampunk lamp (still in progress by the way). But it has been “pushed” off to the side so I can work on other things.

Mostly work, comics, and wasting time on Reddit.

And I think I’m okay with this for right now. I’m usually pretty worn out by the end of the day. Sometimes I need to make sure that I can take that deep breath so I’m ready for the next day.

I have been “pushing” this blog. And that’s okay. This blog is for me and I’m not trying to prove anything.

Wait a second….

Aren’t I?

Am I not supposed to be working toward becoming a writer? This blog was created so I could write. And I’m not doing it!

Holy Crap!

What have I become?

I am a wretch! I am a fiend! I am despair incarnate.

Sorry… That”s a little heavier than the truth. Still, I should be more committed.

3. That last number was pretty long… This one is pretty short.

4. I think I’m going to be pretty happy with my bunch of kids for this term.

I’ve had them for about two weeks. So far, my class average is up and it seems more like they are really paying attention than my last group.

I actually have a little bit of a conspiracy running through my head because of this sudden group of “behaved” children entering my doors. But that is another post for another day.

5. I now have a retirement plan…

This is a strange thought for me. I am planning for the day when I will no longer work. I have only worked for a few months.

Seems poetic in a way.

Seems mature in a way.

Seems like a lot of money that I may never see again.

6. Today I was in one of those moods that makes you feel like you are just about getting business done.

I woke up late and had a reaaaaallllly slow start, but let me tell you this. When I started going, I didn’t stop. I kept chugging.

This same chugging motion is was is motivating me to write this whole thing out tonight.

I’ve even gotten some stuff done for next week.

These days are rare for me. So I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

7. I just ordered a lot of golf pencils. What of it?

8. In my last post I used the word “tinnitus”. This is apparently the code word for crazy spam-bots to bombard my blog with adcomments. It think it’s rather funny. So this is what I’ll do. I’ll use another medical condition here in my blog and see what pops up.

I’m going to use an ailment that seems common to the elderly.


Yes. The trap is set.

Now it’s your job to predict how many searches/spam messages/views I will receive due to my usage of this word.

Winner will win a one way paid trip to the middle of a car lot in east New Jersey. A grade total price of nearly $6.75 (cost of bus ride from airport to car lot).

The ball is in your court now


Something I’ve noticed

October 15, 2011

As we all know, I’m a big fan of the sci-fi genre. Hey, I live and die by the sci-fi mantra.

Just in case you don’t know what that is…

“It’s not fun unless their are lasers involved.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my entire life of entertainment. And let me say, we rarely see any lasers anymore. So I’m usually disappointed.

Something I’ve noticed about the interwebs is that there aren’t many blogs that feature original sci-fi content. As a matter of fact I’m willing to make a bet with you. If you go to your tag surfer option on WordPress and you look up the tag “sci-fi” then you will get many hits that are nothing more than book reviews and anime references.

That’s all.

Come on. Aren’t we a little more fairly represented than that? I mean, I feel like the only good sci-fi / nerdy blogs I’ve come across seem to be the peoples who’s blogs I’m subscribed to.

I want fresh meat!

So, if you know about a good and fun to read sci-fi themed blog, let me know about it. I will then hunt that person down and give my subscription. Then I will comment on their blog and will end up indirectly offending them. Then it will likely result in a law suit.

Happy Saturday,


Some Days Just Require Action

September 9, 2011

Maybe it’s just Fridays in general, but today was a real tough one.

At the end of today I felt like I had been wading through marshes filled with molasses while having a root canal. There was nothing very pleasant about the day at all.

I had 3 different labs to do today. I even made sure these lined up and happened on the same Friday. Why? Because it seemed like a really good idea at the time. Then I actually had to do the labs with my kids…

It wasn’t the lab setting up that was the hard part, but the constant requests to use the bathroom and constant “Mr. Bank-croft” or “Mr. Uhmmmm…” as they raise call out for me to explain a question to them for the 4th time. Come on guys, I have done a pretty good job on learning your first and last names, the least you can do is remember my one last name. It’s not like you have 74 teachers’ names to worry about.

But like I said…maybe it’s just Fridays.

The point is I really needed to get away from it all. Even if it was just for a little while. A little “me” time would do me well. I also stayed behind at school really late yesterday, so I didn’t want to be there any longer than I had to.

So, I packed up after school and left. I decided to drive 30 minutes to my favorite comic shop and just geek it up for a little while.

Did that. Now what?

I’m not sure if what I did next was a sad thing or a good thing. I went to a restaurant and had a meal. By myself.

Why could that be seen as sad? Well, I’m just a guy eating alone trying to not spill anything on his tie. A guy that doesn’t have somebody to talk to. Nothing to laugh about. Nobody to share a smile with. Just me, my food, and a few restaurant employees. Not to menntion it’s a Friday night and I look like I’m an office worker trying to get a lunch in on a Tuesday afternoon.

Why could it be a good thing? I had been surrounded by dozens of people all day and I was through with that business. I felt great. I liked the idea of sitting (I was actually on my feet all day). I just leaned back and relaxed. I didnt’ care if somebody was with me. I might do it more often now that I think about it.

(Side note: My tie survived the meal.)

After that I went to a very large book store and just… did nothing. I perused and searched. I looked and read. I picked up and put back.

Annnnd I bought a few books…

Don’t worry, I actually started reading one of them and have already put down the first 100 pages. So I don’t expect this to be any real burden on me or my reading list fiasco.

The book?

On Writing by Stephen King.

Why this book?

Well, a few reasons really.

1. I’ve read excerpts of this book before. Especially a small part where he writes about how one article he wrote early in his life was edited by somebody right in front of him. He claimed it changed his writing style/career forever. This little piece has always stuck with me and now I can say I posses it and have read it in a legal way.

2. I have a teacher friend who has taught high school English and Literature courses. She claimed that King’s On Writing has helped a few of her students. Hey, she even had a lot of classroom copies of the book. Which is kind of scary considering how much cursing there is in the book. But that’s besides the point.

3. A nice internet stranger I met on here on WordPress seems to mention it at least once every two weeks. Since I appreciate how she writes, I definitely took her subliminal recommendation into consideration.

4. I want to be a better writer. So I figured reading advice/thoughts by one of the most popular authors to put pen to paper in the past 50 years deserves at least a little attention.

What will I gain from the reading experience? I dunno. Maybe a lot. Maybe none at all. At least I’m really enjoying this read.

Alright, it’s beddy bye time,


Most of my friendships are based on humor.

And this could be very bad…

Tonight, I came to this conclusion after having a rather lengthy argument with some friends, (that I was totally the winner of, by the way) about morals and meanings of words. The details of the argument don’t really matter but it eventually led into a conversation about offensiveness and humor and how they can or can not override one another (a whole ‘nother post). While we continued our arguing I said something along these lines:

“I’m friends with you, (nameless friend), because you’re a funny guy. I’m friends with you, (another nameless friend), because you’re funny. I’m really only friends with people that I share a sense of humor with. I can’t think of how we would be friends otherwise.”

Believe it or not, faithful reader, in “real” life I’m not considered very funny.

I know, I’ve just shattered your world.

You might know me as a guy who is only trying to make you laugh. And that’s true. I am. Most of what I write is done in jest or even with the goal of being seen as funny. I’m even trying to inject humor in this post even though I’m being quite serious right now. If I’ve commented on your blog, 9 times out of 10, I’m trying to get you to giggle. Look at the keyword in that last sentence though: trying.

It’s just what I do. I think that’s how I know that people like me. If you laugh, then we share a sense of humor, and now the ice has been broken. If you laugh with me, (or at me), then our chances of becoming friends increases.  This is how I became friends with everybody I know (as far as I can remember). They made me laugh, and then I tried to make them laugh, and then we just kept doing it. Next thing you know, I’m in their wedding.

After I explained this to my friends tonight, they seems a little shocked and offended. They told me that they didn’t believe that humor was as important as I make it out to be. They felt like they had developed friendships with me, and others, that are not based on humor.

That blew my mind. Is this not the common way for friends to be made?

Apparently not. 

Now, I said in the argument tonight, “I’m only friends with people that I share a sense of humor with; and probably wouldn’t be otherwise.” Isn’t this a particuarlly foolish thing for somebody to say when he is, in “real” life, not considered to be THAT funny of a guy?

This question has made me think about my social skills for the past few hours. There could be something wrong with me. I might have conditioned myself against making closer friends because I avoid most emotions with feelings. I could even a brain tumor that’s causing me to go crazy, slowly, causing moments of hysteria…

Now I feel like I’m in a Woody Allen film…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m funny sometimes. In some circles of friends I’m sure I’m looked at the one who is silly. In this group of friends that I am arguing with though, I’m not the funny one. I’m on the bottom of the totem pole, so to speak. With these people, I’m only considered humorous in the sense that of a kitten trying to climb out of a cardboard box. It’s cute to see their futile attempts, but hey, at least they’re trying.

So, why do I do this? Why do I base my relationships on comedy?

It probably has to do a lot with my mom. She always seemed to be able to make anybody laugh. Seeing that led me to believe that people laughing = smiling people = happy people. Not the best formula, but it seems to work out most of the time. I also do this because, I guess, I just like to laugh. People who make me laugh are people that I want to be around.

I’m sure there lots of other factors, but for our conversation here, it will work for now.

So how could this be a bad thing? 

Well, for starters, does this mean that I can’t become friends with anybody that isn’t all that funny? I’m thinking that the possibility exists. Which makes me wonder about what my standards for friends are. Do I look at people for who they are, or just how funny they are? We can all admit, not all funny people are good people.

Also, I’m single, and what does that mean in terms of me finding my future wife/girlfriend? If she’s not all that funny, but still a great person, would I just let her walk in and right back out of my life? That doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

Can this be a good thing?

I guess comedy isn’t every really all that bad. I mean, what if I tried basing relationships on my love of Dr. Who? I would probably be strapped looking for friends. And then we would talk about Dr. Who so much that it would just become so boring that I would consider watching shows like Stargate, just to get away from them.

At least there is some sort of commonality in humor. I rarely meet people that don’t have a decent sense of humor. So I’ve got that going for me…

I’m typing all this here because I really want to leave a reminder for myself. Maybe it’s a reminder for you as well. I kind of treat this blog like a journal in many ways, so maybe one day in the future I’ll look back on this and smile. I’ll say, “Man, I really learned something important right there, and I grew up a little bit. Look at my life now.”

Or maybe I’ll just say, “Look at all those typos.”

One of the most confusing things about the whole night was this. When I asked them “If humor isn’t the base of our relationship, then why are you even friends with me?” they didn’t really give me a satisfactory answer. Nobody said, “Because you’re trustworthy.” or “You’re just a friendly guy.”

They just made a bunch of jokes about me thinking I was funny in some way.

How am I supposed to interpret that?

Until tomorrow,