Willy-Nilly Wednesday

February 29, 2012

Things have definitely picked up this week.

So, this post (and possibly the next) will be short because my creative brain power will be siphoned off to be used in other creative contexts. Sorry in advance.

I have been given a special assignment. And a pretty strange one at that. I will be helping a friend do his job. H’e’s a pastor.

This job includes writing a funny sketch for a churchy thingy…

This isn’t the first time I will be collaborating with my buddy on making a silly video/sketch. As a matter of fact we have made a number of them together in the past. All of them were terribly funny to us. And to us alone.

Still, we like doing it so much that we will be working together again despite our strong unpopularity in this particular form of media.

Now in the few years since we’ve done this I think our comedic ideas have grown and matured like a fine wine.

And since I can’t really think of anything original to write about today…you get to hear my ideas I will be pitching tomorrow.

You want a peek inside my brain? 

You’ve been warned.

My first idea involves two sadist sock puppets that delight in tormenting the host of a children’s show with sheer stupidity and a complete infatuation with causing him torment in some regard. They mostly just repeat his name over and over again and end up vomiting confetti everywhere. One of the puppets is even trying blow the host up with dynamite. He actually believes this to be the equivalent of a big hug.

We slowly see the host go insane.

I’m not sure how this will tie is with any lesson/sermon…but we can make it happen.

I still think I could make it fly….even for church. But more than likely this idea will be shot down and I’ll have to think up of something else.

Maybe this will be the time for me to bring out my big idea.

I have had this wonderful idea for a video that I just KNOW would be a major Youtube hit. (And please don’t steal this idea from me. I consider it precious.)

It involves a guy working up the nerve to ask a girl to dance at a party/mixer. His friends are encouraging even though the fella has his serious reservations. As the camera catches glimpses of her, you start to question the boy’s hesitation.

Finally, after the ultimatium from his friends, he walks over, and taps her on the shoulder. She turns around locks eyes with our man, and they both instantly fall in love the moment the music starts.

Oh… She has a gigantic mustache that is revealed in the end. She even mouths the words to the song that is playing in the background.

This is that song.

No lie. I have thought of this video for over 3 years. Maybe today it will come to fruition.

And yes, I do think this will fly at church… I’m pretty sure… Almost certain.






Okay…I guess you’re right.

Back to the drawing board.


P.S. Really…I’m not kidding…None of the words you read above are a lie. If I really end up making one of these videos you can bet your kiester that I’ll be posting it.