Sanguine Saturday

March 3, 2012

I just got off work…

It’s Saturday.

Maybe you don’t see the significance of these words. They may seem unremarkable but they really are. This is a common occurrence all around the world. Many people work on Saturdays, why should I feel so special?

I’m a teacher. And I had to come in and work on Saturday.

From 11 – 1 I had to teach a “Biology Refresher Class”.

2 kids showed up.

Two. That’s not many.

I will do this again next week. I will be in my classroom from 11 to 1.

And the next Saturday. And the next…

I asked these kids if they planned on showing up next week. They replied “I don’t know.”

This means they will not.

I don’t expect any more to show up other than these two.

Do you want to take a guess on what that means?

That means I will be getting paid to grade papers over the next few weekends.

Now, that doesn’t sound too bad at all.


P.S. – 6 days in a row…can he keep it up for day 7? We shall see.

And it turns out that none of you, with the exception of a dog that can miraclously use the internet, gets on WordPress during the weekends. 

I’m going to view this as a very good thing. It means that you either were too busy interacting with real human beings during this time period, or you were purposely neglecting to participate, in which I warmly shake your hand.


Because you a crafty enough to avoid appearing on the internet as “having no life”. Now the joke is on me because of my lack of life has caused me to ask a silly poll question involving internet usage.

Well played…

In other news, my feet feel terrible. I am standing on them for hours at a time and they don’t seem to like that. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to graph some old scissors I found in the lab storage room to my feet. So far the only thing I could use to help me do that would be some yarn. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

Still, even if I did do that, it wouldn’t make much sense at all.

How would scissors on my feet help?

They wouldn’t. I am simply writing this despite the lack of sleep and higher order thinking skills. This may also explain the swing in thoughts you just experienced back there. So… sorry about that.

And I think I’ll leave you with that,


About Saturdays

August 13, 2011

And Sundays as well…

People don’t really get on WordPress when they have quality and engaging things to do outside of the internet. But don’t worry, we will all come crawling back to it once the weekend is over.

Hey, I wasn’t even here on Friday, but that’s because I was having trouble deciding which seat to take…

Front? Back?

Still, for some reason I’ve decided that I will post this short little snippet about the weekends.

Let’s try a social experiment!

I’m going to post this at around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Answer the poll and we’ll get a nice little sample size of activity on WordPress during the weekends! Or this will be a complete failure because nobody will read this once I post something new on here. So, just because of that, I probably won’t post until Monday.

Your statistical and scientific friend,