Another important list of facts for all of you:

1. I am 14 feet tall. I had bamboo rods inserted into my legs at a very young age. This acutally helped me play for the Harlem Globetrotters for some time. I was later removed from the team due to “unfair enhancements.” I think they were just jealous.

2. Shirmp are not, in fact, sea creatures. They are harvested from the old gas tanks of late model Ford Trucks. This is why some believe shrimp taste like rubber.

¿. If you haven’t read it already, my first short story is complete and posted here on this blog. It’s called Memorandum RE: Galaxy. It was a lot of work, and is my first start-to-finish short story.I’m pretty happy with the outcome. And I guess that’s all that really matters. So, go me.

B. Since this is my first short story, that means there will probably be plenty of mistakes and bad decisions. I will be receptive to listening to any critical analysis of my work, as long as it’s done in an appropriate (read “not mean”) manner. Actually, I would be very appreciative of any feedback whatsoever. Even if it were a little mean spirited.

¥. I’m not using convential numbering for my lists.

œ.  To your joy/dismay I’ve already begun working on my next short story. I expect this one to be much shorter than my first one. The goal for Memo was 1500 words, but it somehow exploded into 2400. I think I’ll aim for around 500 this time around but that could become 4300 words. So, once again, go me.

Γ. This post has nothing to do with lasers…

Thanks for any support,