The Whole SOPA Thing

January 18, 2012

I’m not a law professor but it does seem like this whole SOPA/PIPA stuff is a little too off kilter. It’s a very broad way of trying to stop something. In fact, it is so much off kilter that many of us lazy internet types have actually gotten angry enough to do something about it. And by “do something” I mean things have been done which don’t actually require you to get out of your chair. Which is good because I don’t imagine many internetters to get up and do something. But if you put the solution right on the computer screen, well then, we’re cooking with gas.

Most of the websites that I frequent are down today, in order to protest the idea of passing these laws.

While I support everybody’s intentions of showing “what the internet could become” in the event that these laws are passed/enacted, I still have one really big frustration.

I’m bored…and want to use the internet please. Without my Reddit, I get ancy… like… don’t have Xanax ancy….

(I would like to point out the inconveniace of this day. You remember my little Xanax joke I made about 4 seconds ago? Well, I wrote that joke thinking, “Yeah, I’m sure people who are dependent on Xanax may suffer withdrawal symptoms.” But in order to verify this I would check a reliable source. This source would most likely be Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is blacked out as well.

See what you’re doing to me Congress? You’re preventing me from making properly used jokes!

I should write my congressman and inform them of the matter at hand…)