Remember My Lamp?

October 18, 2011

Me too!

Just in case you don’t remember, I have been working on a “steampunk” themed lamp for the past…oh let’s say 3 months.

And it’s not because I have been hard at work looking for the right kind of material, making plans, or cutting and welding pipe. It all because I’m a lazy bum that doesn’t manage to finish what he starts.

Well, the past weekend, I committed a little more than I usually do and actually made some more progress!

Now it is officially glued and painted. See for yourself.

Annnnd from another angle…

Yeah, it looks like a real mismatch of pieces and parts. It even looks pretty coppery (if that’s even a word). So i’m thinking it meeting my idea and my theme. So there is at least one goal accomplished.

For those of you who still have no idea what my original plan was, allow me to explain. If you notice the base of the lamp itself (notice the brass colored fixture in mid front) is going to seperate from the lamp shade. This is unique because lamp shades are usually connected to the light fixture by some shade support build into the fixture. This lamp will not have a shade connected in this manner.

Instead, the shade will be dangling above the bulb via an long extension of pipe that takes an upside down L shape from behind and moving forward on the lamp. (It’s the seemingly useless part reaching up into the sky).

In my exploratory project here I found out why my plan really wasn’t a very good one. Or, maybe I was just a little too ambitious for a first try.


It is much easier to center a lamp shade position when it’s always connected and centered to the light bulb itself. As you will notice in the photo above, the hanging pipe for the shade is about an inch and a half to two inches behind the base of the bulb.


This is not only going to make to process longer to complete (because it must be corrected), but it also jeopardizes the whole integrity for the support pipe of the shade. I will have to add an extension and that could add too much weight and make the whole contraption bow or bend.

All in all, I think this is just one teensy little problem that can be smoothed over soon enough.

Another problem I had earlier was picking out a lamp shade to go with this thing. And I did that! It’s a utensil carrier/holder that you would usually see in school lunchrooms. I think the color and the size are just about right. Plus it also has holes which will make it look more… cool… I guess. (By the way, I picked this little thing up from Ikea while I purchased my big ol’ picture frame last weekend.)

Oh yeah, I have a picture of that too!

Yeah, I think that’ll do juuuuust fine. (Truthfully, I’m just happy to finally pick something to cover of this thing.) I’m not sure if I will line the interrior of the shade with a paper/material to help “soften” the light as it exits those holes. And that’s just a small decision that I will make when I’m about to put the thing in its final position.

Still, there is one more thing. A big thing. And the big thing is the small things. Detail.

My photos don’t really show this problem, but maybe you noticed it. The color of the whole thing is not what I really want. It doesn’t look like I’ve made this thing from copper. I’ve been many hours researching and playing around with different mixtures of color on how to create a “patina” on copper in order to make it look more genuine, yet there is no success. I have no idea how I will accomplish this goal.

Keep in mind I made this whole kaboodle out of CPVC pipe. (I didn’t want to spend nearly $50 and risk burning my fingers off trying to assemble a real one.) Since it’s just black and copper spray paint, I want to find a way to make it look more… messy. More dirty. More real. Even though it’s about as fake as a seven toed wallaby I want it to look as natural as possible.

And I just can’t figure it out. I’m not sure what to do.

I may end up just completing the thing as is and worry about little details later. (But more likely I will say ‘done is done’ and never touch it again.) But I guess I should just be happy if I even finish the thing.

Anyway, sleepy time she comes,


Okay, okay. Just keep your pants on. Don’t flip out. I’ve had another project besides writing and doing this blog.

Actually I have a few. I know, you’re mad. You’ve been wanting to read some D.A. Bancroft material for some time. But hey, things is things, and they are how they are. And other isms people say.

These projects are:

1. Social Life

2. Short Term Art/Fun Project

3. Long Term Art/Fun Project

4. Writing

You see, I’ve recently read something that said, “If you want to have an interesting blog, you need to have an interesting life.” Since I’m a very vanilla pudding kind of guy (actually I like chocolate), I’ve decided to spice my life up a little bit. That means good things for me as well as good things for you. So now let me explain some of these projects I have in mind, and you’ll see your interest level in my life rise. Maybe…

1. Social Life

Yeah, I need to keep this in the list because if I neglect it I lose friends. While it’s nice to have you (anonymous stranger) looking into my life, I have to make sure that “real” people are around me and making fun of me. It not only helps keep my head level, but prevents me from feeling like a droopy blob of unfun antics.

2. Short Term Art/Fun Project

I’ve never made art before. Unless you include those macaroni necklaces I made in 1st grade. These weren’t very good. So I’ve decided to try again and make something with my hands. Now I’m not really that talented with my hands, so this could be catastrophe, but I’ve settled on making a “steampunk” styled lamp.

Why steampunk you ask? I guess I’m a fan of the genre. I’ve read a few books (including some Mr. H.G. Wells) and I like how people can rewrite history in a sense. Also, I think it would look reeeaaallly cool if I do a good job. Not to mention, I haven’t seen too many lamps that look how I imagine mine will look. So there you go.

[Now for all you steam punkers out there who will read this and say “Guffaw dear sir, you are not a steam punker, nor are you a cyber punker. You have no right to claim such and your work will be considered buffoonery.” I will retort by saying, “Uhhh…”. This will be said because I do not make any claims that I am a steam punker.] 

I’m making it out of CPVC tubing (I know it’s NOT very steampunk) and I plan on painting it either brass or copper. Maybe I will throw on some doo-hickeys on there to make it look a little more stylish, but I’m not going to spend $600 on making a lamp. Heck, the lamp kit was $10, and that was pushing it.

I plan on updating you all on the progress of this nice little thing as I plug away and learn more about it.

3. Long Term Project

Remember in my contest how I told you about the prizes? Here’s a nice reminder. Well in there I specified that I was going to give the person who won a very important marble and I would talk more about it later.

Well, later has come, and here it is…

I plan on placing a marble in every country in the world.

Yeah. Every. Single. One.


I dunno, seems like it would be fun. Just a cool thought I suppose. There’s something about taking something so valueless, unwanted, and unremarkable, and making it do something awesome. Am I wrong in this? Plus, the item is small for shipping, easy to be obtained (just in case I need more, which I don’t), and pretty (in their own way).

So the winner of our contest is named Peter Fulton. He resides in a very strange and backward country named Canada (I’m not sure how to spell it). Anyway, since this kind man/poet/comedian/Canadian/human (who has a blog that you should totally start reading and subscribing to as soon as you finish reading this) won, he will begin the Marble ‘Round the World Project. I will be sending his prize(s) shortly and then I will scratch one country off the list.

If you too live outside of the United States (or Canada) then please get in contact with me and I will be more than happy to obtain your address and send you a marble. What do you do with the marble if you ask for one? Whatever you want. As long as it stays in the country you live in I will be happy. You can throw it away, put it on your mantle, give it to a very confused child (be wary of choking hazards), or you can cook it and serve it to a family of 5 (choking hazard).

So, let me know if you want in on the fun.

(I also have a friend who will be traveling to Brazil at the end of the year, so…I think she’ll be taking one for me as well.)

4. Writing

Yeah, I haven’t been doing this (as you can tell), but I need to make sure I am actually working on something. So here comes a personal challenge for myself. By next Monday, July 4th (‘Merica!) I will have posted a story. What’s it going to be about? I have no idea. But I’m going to try and make sure that it is complete, edited, and doesn’t have anybody dying in it.

Just a personal goal.

Now that you’re done reading this very long and optimistic post, please read more from Mr. Peter Fulton on his blog. (I totally told him I would promote his blog, so…BOOM, did it twice).

Until next time,