Explaining My Delay

July 4, 2011

I’m not going to post a story tonight.

Yeah…it seems silly to draw attention to my own ineptitude but there you go.

Last week, when I thought up of this thing, I said to myself, “Now that’s an original thought, it will be a breeze to think of a story behind that.” Now I look at the idea and I say, “Wow, what’s the point of this story? Where is it going?” It just doesn’t have a real point. It’s pretty aimless.

I even rewrote it at least 3 times. New ideas were tried. Different characters were brought in. Nothing seemed to be able to fix the problem of the plot. There was just no way for me to squeeze a plot out of this thing.

I will freely admit that environments and kooky (if this is even how you spell this word) situations usually lead me in developing characters and stories. This time it seems that this process has failed me. Or maybe I failed the process. Either way, I always end up developing a story second. Maybe that’s a shortcoming that I need to work on.

So I’m going to try again, from scratch, and try to focus on a good and interesting story first. Then I will allow myself to develop the characters and environment.

I’m going to try to think up something and get a story done some time in the middle of this week.

I was looking forward to getting something done, but I’m not going to try and throw something up here that would only confuse you andĀ embarrassĀ me.

Just stick with me, I promise I’ll actually get something done sometime,