Thirsty Thursday #3

May 17, 2012

Oh…I bet you thought I would forget about this one…but I slipped it in here just in time to still keep it a Thursday…

So, what am I reviewing today?

Something different. Something usually neglected in the whole field of gourmet sodas.

Ginger ale.

Now you may not consider ginger ale the redheaded stepchild of the soda family, but it really does have a lot to offer. Like, you know, subtle ginger flavoring with lots of carbonated water. Not really a sweet flavor but more of a tingly sensation.

Okay…maybe you’re right…it usually is pretty plain. So I decided to go after the nicest ginger ale I have heard of.

Ale 8 One.

Now that looks like a formidable soda…huh?

And it was actually quite wonderful. Plenty of bubbles, a fine light taste, and not too strong on the gingery side.

I actually ingested this drink with a hearty meal consisting of jalapeno peppers, fried okra, and french fries. With all these flavors trying very hard to fight the Ale 8 One it still seems to come out on top.

This is probably its best quality. It can handle competition between your taste buds. That’s saying something considering we’re talking about one of the plainest sodas you can consume.

No, you’re not doing to lose any sock or see any fireworks while you’re drinking the stuff, but at least it will be cold and bubbly. Hey, it even sort of reminds you of

Among my friends, Ale 8 One stands as almost a legend. It’s like a mythical creature that always seems to slip past our grasp. That’s right, Ale 8 One is the unicorn of gourmet sodas. Why? Because here in Florida it’s pretty hard to come by. This delightful brew was invented and distributed mainly in the state of Kentucky. They have spread to a few other counties outside of Eastern Kentucky (mostly parts of Ohio and Indiana) but Florida is well beyond their normal distribution region.

I was lucky to find it on sale in the restaurant I had ventured to one day. (They actually had an entire wall filled with other gourmet sodas, some of which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks.)

So I give a review of it today so I can officially scratch it off my list of sodas to drink. While it may not be my favorite soda…it could likely win the honor of being my favorite ginger ale…which is kind of like being the world’s greatest assistant janitor. At least it’s the king of something.

They do have an interesting history as well. If you feel interested you can check out their website here. (Tours of the factory on Fridays as well…if I’m ever in Kentucky…)


Today Feels Like

March 30, 2012


Yesterday felt like Wednesday.

Now that I think about it, so did Wednesday.

Weird schedules at school + coming back from spring break = confusing weekend.

With all my luck you may here me call tomorrow a Tuesday.

…I’m babbling…Sorry.

Brain not working…tomorrow will be better (that’s a Tuesday I think).