Today Feels Like

March 30, 2012


Yesterday felt like Wednesday.

Now that I think about it, so did Wednesday.

Weird schedules at school + coming back from spring break = confusing weekend.

With all my luck you may here me call tomorrow a Tuesday.

…I’m babbling…Sorry.

Brain not working…tomorrow will be better (that’s a Tuesday I think).


Well, don’t worry. I didn’t do anything.

No trick-or-treaters. No goblins. No ghouls. No foul smelling odors from mysterious doors. (What?)


I went to bed around 8:30 and listened to a podcast that I fell asleep to.

Oh, well, there was one thing…

I guess I did make a mortal enemy until next year.

You may read these terrible words here.


A list post informing you of the goings ons of things that are, you know, going on.

1. Remember that lamp I was building? Ha! Me too! Yeah, totally not done, but all that really needs to be done is the wiring and trying to find a lamp shade. I have thought about scratching the lamp shade, but I’ve already glued together this thing under the idea of it having a shade. Have you tried pulling apart PVC that’s glued together? Not easy.

2. My contest from many weeks ago was completed and a winner was declared. That winner has informed me that he has received his rewards. No, the reward wasn’t a disembodied head or a small tracking device. It was a marble and some other garbage.

Still, I’ve put a marble in a foriegn country! So, if you live in a country outside of the U.S., Canada, and possibly Brazil, feel free to comment on here and ask for a marble. I’ll send it to you, and then you can enjoy personal time with a very inexpensive marble.

3. I start work on Monday, and I’m pretty nervous. Still, it’s before students show up, so I have time to put things together. It won’t be until Friday that I actually get to go in my classroom. I guess we’ll just wait to see what happens then. (Watch me learn that I’ll be teaching out of an old cardboard box this year).

4. I make the world’s best tuna melts. No joke. I didn’t realize this until last night when I made them. I mean, I knew I made great tuna melts, but last night – wow. THE WORLD”S BEST. I know I can’t convince you that this is true, but allow me to tell you how you would feel after ingesting one of these heavenly creations.

When you take a bite you become overwhelmed. The best feelings in the world come rushing into your mind.

Remember how you feel after a hard day of yard work?

You have been working under the sun for hours on end. The heat is just sweltering. And after all that labor you get to look around and you and see what you’ve accomplished. Pretty flowers of all colors catch your eye, their sweet fragrance filling your nose. The bite of fresh cut grass and potting soil mixing with the summer breeze. You can feel the grit of healthy earth beneath your finger nails.

You then sit down on your porch and look around and notice the little things. Hummingbirds and bees. The dust that is caught in the setting sun. How trees seem to take on a special color of green that you haven’t noticed before. You contemplate the world around you and decide that it could all be forgotten as long as you are allowed to enjoy the peace of your little slice of our planet. Your own secret garden of goodness.

Remember your first kiss?

How nervous you were. The excitement. The rush. During those few seconds, when your lips met theirs, time stood still. You forgot you were standing, not floating. You didn’t even realize that your eyes were closed. Your heart skipped more than a few beats. In that moment you think to yourself, “I wish, of all wishes, this never ends.”

Or how about when you get moments to yourself?

Those cold nights when you’re just alone with a book. Sitting underneath an old quilt that you dragged out of the closet. It smells like mothballs and your grandmother. You remember the old chocolate chip oatmeal cookies she used to make. The way their warmth would hit your belly and cure every wrong.

While under your blanket, you lose yourself in a fictional world. The heat from the fireplace warms your face, its light flickers across the pages and you feel like the book is breathing. Like it has a mind of it’s own. There is no author, no reader, just the story. The vanilla aroma of the pages tickle your nostrils. Every once in a while, you remember the real world and take a sip of your hot cocoa.

There is no meeting tomorrow. No guest to worry about. No family to take care of. You have no plans. You are free to commit to nothing.

The world you care about rests in your hands…


(and that’s just after the first bite).

What’s the secret ingredient?


5. I have a family member who is not doing to well. He is probably going to die soon. It you would like to give him your good thoughts/prayers they would be deeply appreciated.

6. I think I’m going to try and get another short story in before school officially starts back up. I think it will help me relax as well as remember the whole purpose of this blog. I know I don’t write too often on here but I would just like to make sure that I keep trying and working toward my goal. Also, I still expect to write this blog while I’m working, but hey, maybe i’m being an optimist.

And there you go. A six point rundown of things as they stand.

Were there any emotions/experiences I forgot to mention in my wonderful description of my tuna melt sammiches?

You tell me if you got any more.


Another important list of facts for all of you:

1. I am 14 feet tall. I had bamboo rods inserted into my legs at a very young age. This acutally helped me play for the Harlem Globetrotters for some time. I was later removed from the team due to “unfair enhancements.” I think they were just jealous.

2. Shirmp are not, in fact, sea creatures. They are harvested from the old gas tanks of late model Ford Trucks. This is why some believe shrimp taste like rubber.

¿. If you haven’t read it already, my first short story is complete and posted here on this blog. It’s called Memorandum RE: Galaxy. It was a lot of work, and is my first start-to-finish short story.I’m pretty happy with the outcome. And I guess that’s all that really matters. So, go me.

B. Since this is my first short story, that means there will probably be plenty of mistakes and bad decisions. I will be receptive to listening to any critical analysis of my work, as long as it’s done in an appropriate (read “not mean”) manner. Actually, I would be very appreciative of any feedback whatsoever. Even if it were a little mean spirited.

¥. I’m not using convential numbering for my lists.

œ.  To your joy/dismay I’ve already begun working on my next short story. I expect this one to be much shorter than my first one. The goal for Memo was 1500 words, but it somehow exploded into 2400. I think I’ll aim for around 500 this time around but that could become 4300 words. So, once again, go me.

Γ. This post has nothing to do with lasers…

Thanks for any support,