So for those of you who did not know I am a noob on the blog scene I have made this post for you to point and laugh at me.  As for the rest of you, please ignore this post and move on to reading my previous post (Charlie 3).

In respect to the number of viewers of this blog, I get really happy when my report says I had around 30 viewers. That’s like, wow, a lot. But low and behold, today I have 60. Double! That’s crazy. One day last week (blog only 4 days old) I get nearly 70 views. But there is something quite fishy floating in the air.

Here’s my thoughts as I view my information:

Woah, 70 views! That’s sickeningly awesome. I must know more. Who are these wonderful people who have graced my blog with their presence?

What? That’s strange.

How did they find my blog? What that crap is this lame business ad/blog?

I think I’m getting spammed.

Pretty hardcore.

(Imagine my right eye drooping, caused by the stroke I had due to anger and confusion)

Now if you’re done laughing, you’ve had your chance to get your jollies, please help me out here.

Anybody notice any discrepencies on their viewer numbers for your blog as well? I’ve noticed that on certain days I get told that an account (of which is nothing but one advertisment post) keeps looking at my blog nearly 40 times. Does this happen with everybody, or is this some sort of spam problem that I can actually get rid of by reporting it?

If I need to report it, how do I do that? If it’s just a fact of life on the blogosphere then does this mean I can start getting benefits? I would love some dental coverage. And what’s the co-pay on this thing? Vacations?

Really, somebody let me know what’s up. Thanks.